3 11, 2016

Wrap Dresses Are the Best Dresses

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The wrap dress is truly a universally flattering style that can look great on every woman. If you have curves, a wrap dress will accentuate your smaller waist. If your figure is straighter, a wrap dress will give you pretty curves.

2 11, 2016

{November Finding Your Fit} Wrap Dresses

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Wrap dresses are my favorite dresses. If you have curves, a wrap dress will accentuate your smaller waist. If your figure is straighter, a wrap dress will give you pretty curves. The wrap dress is truly a universally flattering style that can look great on every woman. Start shopping our curated [...]

12 10, 2016

How to Pack Light for a 10 Day Fall Trip

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How did I pack for 10 days in Iceland and London--including casual tourist outfits, outdoor clothing, and professional attire--in only carry-on luggage? In today's post, I am sharing what I took and why I chose these items. This will give you ideas for what to pack for your next trip.

11 10, 2016

{October Finding Your Fit} Coats That Pack & Travel Well

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A trench coat is a great travel coat because it protects you from rain, keeps you warm, and is stylish. Features to look for include a hood (many are detachable) and a removable liner so you can make the coat warmer or cooler depending on the weather. A 3-in-1 jacket is a sportier [...]

6 10, 2016

Finding Your Fit: Dress Coats and Down Jackets

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Coats are second only to dresses when it comes to my favorite articles of clothing. Today I’m showing you two I will be wearing frequently this fall: a dress coat and a down jacket.

5 10, 2016

{September Complete} Dress Coats and Down Jackets

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As someone who wears a lot of dresses and skirts, I am a big fan of dress coats and wear mine frequently. Dress coats come in a variety of colors from classic neutrals, such as gray, navy blue, black, camel, or ivory, to brighter options, such as pink or royal blue. The latter [...]

4 10, 2016

Building Your Timeless Jewelry Wardrobe: Bracelets

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Jewelry is my favorite accessory, and today I’m starting a new series on building your timeless jewelry wardrobe. The first category of jewelry in the series is bracelets. Read the post to find out the four types of bracelets that belong in a timeless jewelry wardrobe.

2 10, 2016

{October Complete} Building a Jewelry Wardrobe: Bracelets

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The four types of bracelets I recommend to start your timeless jewelry wardrobe are cuff, bangle, link, and pearl. My blog post on a timeless bracelet jewelry wardrobe has the Ex Voto Vintage Woodley cuff, which you Insiders can get a 20% discount on throughout the month of October 2016! I’ve also included [...]

13 09, 2016

Francie's Fall Jean Picks: Dark Rinse and White Jeans

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Dark rinse and white jeans are two of my favorite jean colors, and today I am showing you fall looks with them. Read my post to find out how to transition white jeans to fall and what to pair with dark rinse jeans for a night out.

10 09, 2016

{September} Wearing Jeans When You Feel Like Nothing Fits

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My favorite bootcut jeans are the NYDJ Billie mini bootcut. They come in multiple washes and colors across a wide range of sizes: regular, petite, and plus. I find NYDJ jeans fit and hold up very well. The NYDJ denim has a bit of stretch that makes their jeans comfortable, but they don’t become [...]

6 09, 2016

Francie's Fall Makeover Tips

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Today I'm showing you my recent fall makeover and sharing some tips for makeup application. I don't have much natural talent in this area but have learned some secrets that have greatly improved my skills

5 09, 2016

{September} Fall Makeup Suggestions from Fair-Skinned Francie

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I recently discovered this drugstore L’oréal skin primer, which you wear under foundation. It comes in one color, which is great for me because I’m rarely confident enough to feel like I can choose makeup on my own that is going to look good. I use this as a special occasion product because I [...]

29 08, 2016

Packing Tips: Five Essentials for Packing Light

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Packing light for trips is one of my favorite challenges and as a frequent traveler, I get lots of practice. No matter how big your suitcase is, my packing tips will make you a better packer. Learn my five essentials for packing light, all but one of which are free!

26 08, 2016

{August} Francie's Carry-on Luggage Picks

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If you want to pack well, you need the right luggage. I’m a huge fan of Briggs & Riley, which many road warriors consider to be the best luggage brand you can buy. It is a significant investment, but the durability, reliability, and lifetime warranty are worth it if you’re a frequent traveler. Between my [...]

22 08, 2016

Skincare Products: What's a Woman to Choose?

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Figuring out what to use among the zillions of available skincare products is daunting! After trying a lot (a whole lot) of skincare products over the years, today I’m talking about the six I use daily.

17 08, 2016

A Boot for Every Outfit - Knee High and Cowboy Boots

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Hands down, the shoes I wear most often in the fall and winter are boots. From dresses and skirts to jeans and pants, there is a boot for nearly every outfit. Today I’m sharing two of my favorites: knee high stretch suede boots and cowboy boots.

11 08, 2016

Find Your Fit: Francie Wears the Lyford Top

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Hello, lovelies! Today it is my turn to show you how I will wear the fabulous J. McLaughlin black Lyford top. I’m such a fan of wrap tops! They are flattering on all body shapes, even for people like me who often feel like nothing fits, and they can be easily adjusted for a custom [...]

1 08, 2016

{August} Finding Your Fit: Francie's Fall Boots

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My consolation when summer is coming to a close is that I get to start wearing my boots again. If you struggle finding either extended calf boots or narrow shaft boots for thin calves, stretch suede is a great option for you. I've also found some cowboy boots (a must for this southern [...]

1 08, 2016

{August} Skincare Products: All A Woman Needs

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True confession: I’m a little bit obsessed with skincare. Here are the products I've unearthed among the zillions of choices we have out there, I've tested and tried them, and these are the winners. For my complete skincare routine and more of my must-have skincare products, be sure to read my post from [...]

1 08, 2016

{August} Five Women, One Top: Finding The Right Color

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When I first met Tina, she told me (nicely!) that black was not the most flattering color for me. I gave it up cold turkey and now have less than five items of black, non-athletic clothing. If I wear black anywhere near my face, I break it up with a fabric or accessory in [...]

21 07, 2016

Nothing Fits! Tips from a Hard-to-Fit Friend

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Do you want to scream every time you see a sz. 2, 6-ft. model wearing yet another dress or pair of jeans you wish you could pull off? You've gotta meet my friend Francie. She's a member of the best-dressed society, and... she is hard to fit. She's gone from "Nothing fits!" to learning how to dress well and wear the clothes she wants to, the right way.

About Francie Likis - Finding Your Fit

FRANCIE LIKIS CONTRIBUTOR Francie has had a flair for fashion since she was a little girl, but what she wears has improved significantly since she met Tina in 2010. Building her best wardrobe has boosted Francie’s confidence not only in her attire, but also overall, as well as making that dreaded feeling of not having the right thing to wear a rarity. Francie grew up in Alabama and has lived in Nashville for more than half of her life. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Vanderbilt University and received her doctorate in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Francie is a nurse practitioner and nurse-midwife who has worked in a variety of clinical practice settings as well in nursing education and health care research. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health and co-editor of the award-winning textbook Women’s Gynecologic Health, now in its third edition. Francie’s biggest loves are her family, connecting people, the South, music, and traveling. Her favorite fashion items are dresses and jewelry.