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Tina Adams launched YourStyleVault after opening Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting in 2007. Tina and her team are shopping sleuths, truth-tellers, and have never met anyone they couldn’t dress. Oh, and they negotiate exclusive discounts at some of the best retailers and boutiques in the country, passing on those discounts to YSV members, who regularly find themselves inundated with oohs and ahhs and compliments from friends and strangers alike.


Are you hard to fit? Not sure what to wear where? Tired of being sold clothes you can’t wear and aren’t even sure you should be wearing anyway? Experience the luxury of our personal approach, a rarity in today’s world of technology-driven shopping services and paid bloggers who have become another retail sales channel for their partners. Our stylists are truly personal stylists who will curate the perfect wardrobe for you, over time, with pieces you already own and adding only what is necessary.

We’re not a tech company using algorithms to determine what you should buy, and we never take commission from retailers or advertisers when you shop with us. Instead, we give you access to our private discounts at the best national retailers and local boutiques. With Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting, you will find yourself in capable hands dedicated to putting your closet in order and creating a perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle, so you’ll never have to worry again about what to wear.

Wardrobe Consulting Services

* All packages available to those living in the Nashville area. Clients do travel to us and we are able to accommodate.

Email us if you’re interested but outside the Nashville area.

Let Us Into Your Closet - Buy Now!

Shop Your Closet

Do you stare into your closet and find you have nothing to wear? Let’s shop your closet to find the hidden gems. We’ll reinvent your favorite pieces, and pull it all together with fabulous new outfits. You’ll feel like you have a brand new wardrobe without ever entering a store.

  • Personal Style Assessment and closet review (about an hour)
  • Style Session with fully-accessorized outfits for every occasion (about 2 hours)
  • Style Album
  • Complimentary Insider annual membership to YourStyleVault.com
Let Us Into Your Closet - Buy Now!
Let Us Style You - Buy Now!

The Original Shop & Style Package

Hate to shop? Nothing fits? Don’t know what looks best on you? We’ll identify your personal expression of style, evaluate your wardrobe, and advise on what needs to be purged. When you join us to shop, all your items will be beautifully laid out in a fitting room (plus take advantage of our in-store discounts). And we’ll pull it all together for you during the style session.

  • 2 hour closet assessment (of the current season’s wardrobe)
  • 3 hour pull
  • 3 –4 hour guided shopping session, with access to our exclusive in-store discounts of up to 20% off your purchases (from qualifying retailers)
  • Beauty makeover including make-up lesson at one of the South’s finest salons, with 20% off your skincare and makeup
  • 2 –3 hour style session
  • Style Album
  • Complimentary Insider annual membership to Your Style Vault Complete
Let Us Style You - Buy Now!
Remember How Great You Felt - Buy Now!

Returning Client Package

Remember the last time we made your life easy, stylish and beautiful? Maybe you don’t need a wardrobe overhaul this season, but a good closet purge, reinventing some old favorites and shopping to fill in the gaps sounds dreamy. This package is a condensed version of the Original Shop & Style Package, and comes with all the other perks you’ve grown to love.

  • 1 hour closet assessment (of the current season’s wardrobe)
  • 1 hour pull
  • 1 –2 hour guided shopping session with access to our exclusive in-store discounts of up to 20% off your purchases (from qualifying retailers)
  • Beauty makeover including make-up lesson at one of the South’s finest salons, with 20% off your skincare and makeup
  • 1–2 hour style session
  • Updated Virtual Style Album
  • Complimentary Insider annual membership to Your Style Vault Complete

Reserved for our clients who have completed two full seasons of the Original Shop & Style Package, for example fall and spring (packages do not necessarily have to have been completed in sequence).

Remember How Great You Felt - Buy Now!


What you actually need, where to get it & how to wear it.

Welcome to the wardrobe of your dreams.



Tina Adams, a native of Nashville, spent the majority of her youth in a school uniform wearing plaid skirts and saddle oxfords (which may explain her obsession with tartan and brogues), and found she had a knack for turning a few simple items into a wardrobe of seemingly endless opportunities. But she also has a heart for helping women and you can regularly hear her say, “This isn’t a fashion job. It’s a mission to help women feel great so they can live their lives happily. They're just clothes, after all.” Tina’s clients have always valued her commitment to being a truth-teller when it comes to evil capris, building a wardrobe around timeless classics, and showing you the right way to embrace a fun trend.

Tina also has a special place in heart for women battling breast cancer, for many reasons including her decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy. Finding it difficult to dress and deal with simple tasks like washing her hair, Tina teamed up with her best friend and beauty expert, Deidre DeFelice, to found The Pink Chapter. You can read more about to help us give back here.




Fashion coupled with serving others is in Barbara’s blood. Her first job was in a fabric store, where she created sample outfits that were displayed for customers. Later, she graduated from The University of Kentucky with a degree in Textiles, Clothing and Merchandising. After moving to Nashville more than 35 years ago, Barbara spent many years in management for one of our city’s first department stores, Castner Knott Co. After 10 years with Castner Knott, Co. and fast forward a few years…Barbara hired Tina about 6 years ago when she was the marketing director for her husband’s new start-up company. Tina came in and changed her life because with Barbara’s super busy professional life she didn’t have to think about what she was going to wear each day. When Barbara’s husband sold the company, she knew that working with Tina as one of her stylists was the perfect fit. Barbara has worked with clients of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Her most favorite aspect of her job is to help her clients to think out of their box a little so to understand what really makes them feel and look their best!