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**In light of your summer travels around the bend, please take a moment to consider how to look good in all those family vacation pics, and still be comfortable :)...this is an updated post with all new links.**

Visiting a national park or theme park this summer? Or just plan to roam around your town on the weekends, having fun and being carefree? Not so fast there, cowgirls. I want you to be comfortable and stylish this summer when you dress for your family vacation.

Theme Park Dressing

Are white jeans a good option for theme parks? Please, can they be?? (What's with my wedges? Am I wearing baby stilts?)

While I personally would wear white jeans anywhere, anytime, to any place on God's green earth, I realize you may not. Especially when you are taking your family to Disney World, or anywhere requiring a park dress code. I guess because you're afraid of spills? Or sitting in a mud puddle? So fine, just wear your white jeans at night. But there are many, many things you are not allowed to wear on a vacation. And if I catch you on Facebook in any of these, you're getting a fashion demerit. Mkay cupcakes?

No fanny packs!

Quick. What's wrong with this outfit? If you don't know, keep reading.

Let’s start with what not to wear first.

It’s so much more entertaining.

1. No short-shorts.


No booty shorts. Not on you or your kids. For obvious reasons, I hope.  Spare the world from TME (too much exposure) and spare your bum from coming into contact with the world and creepy oglers.

2. Next, no midriffs.

Now, even though cerebral designers like Mrs. Prada showed midriffs on the runways, this is not a license to take it to the street and dumb it down a la Britney Spears circa 1999. College girls can get away with it if everything else isn't too skimpy, but not grown women.

3. No exposed bra straps…..remember this is underwear.

4. And, do I have to even mention this? No exposed cleavage.

You’re not a German waitress dispensing plastic steins. And cleavage is not for daytime.

5. No fanny packs.

Ever, ever, ever.  Even the cool ones you see on hipsters. Did you know that backpacks are better for your back? It’s true.

Please. No.

6. No ugly shoes.

Danskos are really, really ugly on adults and really, really comfortable for nurses and doctors. There’s no middle ground.

7. No matchy-matchy outfits.

You know the family or friends that are so worried about losing each other in the crowd that they wear loud, colorful, matching outfits? They must not have cell phones.  Or any good retail stores nearby.

 Don't be this family.
(all images above from Hollister.com and wikipedia commons)
Ok. So now for some realistic solutions.

How To Look Great On Your Family Vacation


1. How about a nice pair of shorts and a top?

No jorts or khakis unless you’re a camp counselor.  You do need shorts for the up in-the-air rides or reaching for errant balls.  Skirts and dresses are too tricky and may expose you to a wardrobe malfunction.

Dressing For A Summer Vacation

I've got on longish shorts. They look better if you tuck in your shirt. Shop my favorite 5", 7" and 9" shorts here

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2. For tops, I like layering.

I take a thin, long-sleeve blouse over a ribbed tank top so I can pack the blouse in my backpack when it's blazing hot, or roll down the sleeves if there's a chill. But absolutely no camis. Tanks are fine (they have wide straps), not camis (thin straps that will show your bra).

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What Not To Wear To A Theme Park

That's me saying "Noooo."

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3. Be prepared for rain.

But instead of a hoodie, pack a lightweight travel umbrella (they now make them teeny-tiny and practically weightless) in a backpack, which will also nicely eliminate the need for cargo shorts!  I know you wanted an excuse to wear them (the pockets!), but noooope.  They are man shorts, plus why put all that extra volume from the pockets on your hips and thighs?

Dressing For A Theme Park

I carry a backpack (a nice one, not a junior high version) when I need to pack snacks, camera, umbrella and the stuffed toys I'll win.

4. Finding comfortable shoes is a huge issue.

I am sympathetic.  My recommendation is to go either all out athletic (a running shoe) or funky/sporty (an athleisure shoe).  Don’t try to find a chic but comfy shoe on your own. There is too much margin for error.

What Not To Wear To A Theme Park

Absolutely not. These kinds of awful, ugly excuses for shoes, like Merrells, Reefs and Tevas, are only allowed for rock climbing. And leave your crew-neck graphic tees at home, too.

A running shoe is a good option.  You'll be thankful for the support. But take note: not just any sneakers will do. Some are stylish and some are awful.

What To Wear To A Theme Park

Duh. Pink sneaky-sneaks are my choice.

So, now that baseball season is here and the Magic Kingdom beckons, you have been educated.  We just want you to have good taste.

Thanks for reading. We're doing all kinds of packing right now for our clients. Book us now for your trip and you'll be comfy and stylish. And more great news: all-new June Style Vault drops next week! To snag the deals early and access other exclusive content, become an Insider today for free.

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