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I am really excited to be sharing with you ladies again. Not only do I work with clients one-on-one of all ages, but I'm also now a blog contributor for Fabulous Over 50 women who are looking for help in finding clothes and accessories that are age-appropriate and NOT FRUMPY! Check out my other post here on packing.

Summer is here! I remember when my kids were little and it took so much preparation to get ready for the long summer ahead with sports camps, outdoor camps, trips to the library, pool time...lots of plans to keep them stimulated for the long summer ahead. Now that I'm an empty nester, it seems like the summers just fly by! So I am really careful when I am looking for a handbag that I introduce into my wardrobe during the summer months. Here are some cute handbags and sophisticated totes, plus what I put in them.

Cute Handbags

I'm always looking for my cost per wear to be low, so when I was looking for a fresh handbag for this summer, I knew I wanted one that would easily transition into the Fall.

I found exactly what I was looking for in this handbag. I am a sucker for anything snakeskin or animal print. Both are such great wardrobe extenders, add a touch of sassiness to any outfit, and can be worn with many colors and patterns. When I spotted this bag, I knew it had to be mine. It's a large bag, so I am really picky as to what I carry in it, so it won't be too heavy.

Cute Handbags

This is what I'm carrying in my handbag these days. These are my essentials and I never want to leave home without them!

First of all and probably most important is the wallet in the matching snakeskin. Not essential that it matches my handbag, but it makes my life so much easier as I am dressing for the day. I always have in my bag the little pink case that holds the wrist chain that I can add to my wallet to make it a clutch in an instant. So important because when I am in and out of my car running errands or in meetings, I can just put my clutch on my wrist and have my hands free. Next in terms of importance are my readers. (Stay tuned because I have an upcoming blog on fabulous readers!) I always heard that once I hit my late 40's or 50, readers are inevitable and I never believed it until it happened to me. Just a little magnification works for me, but I now HAVE to have it! So, if my readers are accidentally taken out of my bag, it's a game changer! Ha!

My iPhone totally changed my life. If you haven't jumped on the Apple bandwagon, I really urge you to go stand in the long line at the Apple Store and have one of their super knowledgable sales staff show you why the iPhone is such a great product! My battery drains out fairly quickly because of all the pictures I take on my phone, so I also carry my Mighty Purse.

What an invention. It has its own phone charger in the purse in case my battery is about to run out before I can charge it. I usually put my silver business card case and my tissues in my Mighty Purse so I can find them easily. Last but not least is my bottled water, my Powerbeats wireless headphones, and my sunglasses. Love these headphones...they are great for listening to my music or taking a call-they are so much easier to use than the typical headphones because I don't get all tangled up in the wire! I'm all about simplifying my life!

Cute Handbags

My cognac suede tote is a dream come true.

With my busy lifestyle being in and out of town frequently, and in meetings and stores a lot, this tote has really been fabulous! When choosing a great tote, the first three things to look for are one with a top zipper, a cross-body strap in addition to handles, and a great color that you can wear all year round with anything you are wearing. If you've been reading Tina's blog for awhile, you have already learned that cognac is the perfect year round color. I love this suede tote because it's different from so many other totes you see, and suede is a year-round fabric. The first thing I did when I bought it was to waterproof it...a MUST for suede products if you want them to last a long time.

Cute Handbags

My tote is so roomy...but again, I'm really picky about what I put in it because I've had my fair share of feeling like I'm a pack mule while traveling and I'm over it!

Again gals, it's about simplifying our lives. So in my tote bag, I carry my snakeskin wallet with wrist chain so that I can pull it out at any point and leave the tote behind. As noted before, my eyeglasses are always with me, as well as my I-Phone AND charger. I never travel without my charger in my totebag. We never know when delays will happen, and it is just too stressful for me to think that my battery will die and I won't be able to communicate. I also always have either my Powerbeats or my Bose headphones with me.

The Powerbeats take up much less room, but one or the other is a must for me. When traveling internationally, my passport and cash carrier that I can wear inside my clothing are a must; and I'll always pack my travel umbrella. It folds up to be so tiny that it is just crazy not to be prepared for rain. I'll bring one of my many magazines yet to be read from home instead of packing a book, to keep my bag lighter. Last but not least, my sunglasses, gum and/or breath mints to freshen breath after coffee, and my cross rock which was a gift from a friend that I carry as a reminder that God is always with me.

Cute Handbags

My gold clutch is great for traveling because I can wear it with any pair of shoes. 

Cute Handbags

It's pretty small, but I can fit my I-Phone, cash, a credit card or two, and my lip-stick.

It's hard to get my trusty readers in a bag this tiny, so I slip in a small magnifying glass which works pretty well when reading a menu!

When shopping with our clients, Tina and I have lots of guidelines we use to find the perfect handbags. I have searched and searched to find handbags that you will LOVE! 

Taking any more summer trips? You can find my post on how to pack for a summer getaway to the beach here.

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