Original Shop & Style Package
PLEASE NOTE: If you're on our email list, you must login to your account to purchase. Simply click here to login, then return to this page to checkout. If you're not aware of your login information, you can discover it by simply entering your email here. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to make this process easier for our Insiders and Vault Members! Hate to shop? Nothing fits? Don’t know what looks best on you? We’ll identify your personal expression of style, evaluate your wardrobe, and advise on what needs to be purged. When you join us to shop, all your items will be beautifully laid out in a fitting room (plus take advantage of our in-store discounts). And we’ll pull it all together for you during the style session.
  • 2 hour closet assessment (of the current season’s wardrobe)
  • 3 hour pull
  • 3 –4 hour guided shopping session, with access to our exclusive in-store discounts of up to 20% off your purchases (from qualifying retailers)
  • Beauty makeover including make-up lesson at one of the South’s finest salons, with 20% off your skincare and makeup
  • 2 –3 hour style session
  • Style Album