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Maybe this past weekend you witnessed some things you wish you hadn't. Or you wish your children hadn't seen. It happens. Speedos come to mind. Every pool, beach and lake community has their own set of unspoken codes of dress (or undress). Which got me to thinking about...

What To Wear To The Pool Without Embarrassing Yourself

What To Wear To The Pool

Two piece or one piece? The one piece is experiencing a nice comeback this summer. But what you wear is really about your own comfort level, not age or body type.

Let's address the elephant(s) in the room. Ask yourself, where am I going and what will I be doing? If you're likely to be crawfishin' and tubin', that's one thing. But if you're at a classy pool or beach, that's another.

When should you stop wearing cutoffs?

Cutoffs. Tread lightly (ha) if you don't want to be mistaken for Daisy Duke.

River day

Athletic shorts and a ball cap over a swimsuit are perfect for that rafting trip or lake day with lots of kids.

You need a decent beach bag.

Beach Bag Essentials

Beach bag essentials: a huge towel (not a towel you use after you shower, those are boring and small), cute sandals, a hat and sunscreen. These are my favorite sunscreens: Cerave SPF 50 for my face and Jergen's Natural Glow SPF 20 (which also is a tanning lotion). Pick them up at your grocery store,

Don't have a fancy coverup?

You still need something. Please don't walk into the bar in just your skivvies, I mean swimsuit. Here are a few ideas you can use in a pinch.

1. Skort and a tank top

skort as a coverup

Take the casual approach with a simple pull-on skort and tank top. And you probably want to wear your flip flops in the eating area and definitely in the bathroom. Athlete's Foot anyone? No thank you.

2. Sarong


For a bit more stylish coverup, I love sarongs. I have always had a thing for them. No sarong? No problem, grab a rectangular tablecloth and follow these steps on how to tie a sarong. And Vault Insiders, don't miss the gorgeous sarong you can shop now, just added inside July's Style Notes.

How To Tie A Sarong

I bought this sarong last summer, and it was in a post, but in case you missed it, here's how to wear a sarong over a swimsuit.

How To Tie A Sarong

After opening it up into a big rectangle, wrap it around your waist or up higher around your chest, and pull the top corner ends together.

How to tie a sarong

Next, tie the ends into a knot.

How to tie a sarong

Adjust it to fit snugly and tie it in a double knot. Voila! You are now ready for a luau.

3. Maxi dress

Maxi dress as a coverup

You can also grab one of your maxi dresses to wear over your swimsuit. I like this option if you are stopping off at the grocery store before or after pool time.

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Style Vault

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