The New Pant Of The Season: The Right Cords For Work or the Weekend

Tina, here.

I wish I still had my little corduroy dresses and skirts I wore in kindergarten that had adorable embroidered thingys on them, like whales and flowers and holly. Actually, I do have some of them. Somehow they have made it through about 8 moves.

Cords This Fall

Remember these? I mean, picture this with a little white turtleneck, white tights and black patent Mary Jane's. That was me. Image credit.

I wonder if this is why women still love to wear cords and guys aren't that excited about seeing women wearing cords. My friend Jessica has this great line she says, from American Sniper. Chris Kyle starts talking to a girl in a bar that a few guys have already hit on, and she says something to the effect of, Why can't a girl just get a drink and not be bothered? He answers, Maybe it's your leather pants. To which she asks, What kind of pants does a girl have to wear to get left alone? His answer? Corduroy.

Point taken. But the right cords can be attractive. When they fit right and aren't too frumpy. Bet you guessed there are rules for wearing them. Yep. And here they are, along with some ways you can wear cords for work, for the weekends, and just for everyday. Just Added: Vault Insiders can shop all these cords inside the October Vault, Style Notes. Curvy and petite options available, and some talls! Lots of colors, too.

The Right Way To Wear Cords

1. Skinny cords are casual. Don't try to make them dressy. Great for everyday.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

Cords are by nature casual. They're work pants, really. And when they're ankle length or skinny, really casual. So make the rest of your outfit casual with a t-shirt and jacket or vest. Yes, I know my legs are skinny. Thanks for pointing that out. They always have been. Look, if you wear ankle pants, just be comfortable with yourself. Whether you have skinny legs or athletic legs. We all want what we don't have.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

Rule #1 about cords. Buy them tight. They will stretch. You know how your cords fall off your hips and you get saggy-bottom syndrome the first time you wear them? That's because when you tried them on in the fitting room, they fit. And then when you wear them, they stretch and no longer fit. So, like leather, you want them to be a bit on the fitted side when buying. Shop these cords in the October Style Vault, Style Notes. More colors, too.

2. Dark color bootcut cords can be business casual or weekend casual. Great for travel, too.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

For the office, a dark pant is always dressier. Black bootcut cords can be great for a business casual office setting, as long as you pair them with a nice blouse and/or blazer or jacket. Shop similar black bootcut cords in the October Style Vault, Style Notes. Curvy options available too! And more colors.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

Nice accessories can make up in spades for casual outfits. Chanel always helps.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

For the weekend or a casual day, just throw on a sweater and some boots.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

A great running-around outfit that is neither yoga pants or jeans. I would venture to say that some cords can be as comfy as yoga pants.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

Sidenote: if you wear a light-color boot or shoe with a dark pant, beware of color transfer. Washing first can help avoid that disappointing wardrobe malfunction. Don't forget you can shop black bootcut cords inside the Style Vault. Plenty of great booties, too!

3. White cords, particularly bootcut, can be semi-dressy. Great for luncheons or casual dinners.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

I still wear white jeans throughout the winter, but sometimes my white cords just feel cozier. I have both ankle and bootcut cords in white (more ivory than white) and I tend to dress them up for daytime events. And I just added both bootcut and ankle cords in white to the October Style Vault, Style Notes.

How To Wear Cords This Fall

White on white makes it a bit nicer, too. But a chambray shirt or a fluffy sweater in any color would look just as chic with white cords. I tend to wear neutral accessories.

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