Tina, here.

A white t-shirt is about as important to your wardrobe as ice cream is to your mental health.

Do you have one? A fresh one? With no underarm stains? Trust me, the stains are difficult to see in your closet, but when you show up to lunch, we can all see them in the broad daylight. Another problem with last year's white t-shirt is that it's now a boxy square. Again, it's hard for you to see it, but when you put that box on, you look like you're wearing a box. Sorry. What used to be a flattering rectangle that you could tuck or scrunch around your waist becomes shorter and boxier after a season's worth of washings, EVEN IF you don't put it in the dryer. It's a law of nature. The only way to avoid this is if your t-shirts are made of predominantly man-made fabric. Which oddly enough can cost more than cotton.

So this is why I am always on the look out for the BEST white t-shirt. There have been many over the years that have come and gone. Here's the test I've honed and must be passed with 100% compliance:

  • It must cost under $20 since it has to be replaced so often.
  • It must contain some man-made fabric.
  • It must be substantial enough that it isn't see-through, but isn't so thick that it's hot.
  • It must be a v-neck or scoop neck, but never a crew neck.
  • It must start life resembling a rectangle, not a square.

Guess which one got a straight A+?

From Target, the Mossimo relaxed v-neck tee, for $8.  EIGHT DOLLARS!  I think I have like 6 of them. I always get scared they're going to stop making them (goodbye fave Banana Republic white t-shirt) so last summer I picked one up every time I was in Target. But they are back this summer! My best friend (and way cooler than me) Deidre discovered them. She actually even called me from Target last summer when she found it, and bought me one 🙂

So while we're looking at white tees, here are some ways I like to wear mine. Not rocket science here. Or anything staggeringly new, just some easy outfit ideas to copy!

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Ways To Wear A White Tee: To The Office

Style tip: did you know you can alter a white t-shirt? And it's totally worth it to achieve the right fit. Hemming a tee is no big deal (for you petites), and neither is taking in a seam under the arms.

The floral slingback above comes in many colors, including black, and is only $79!

Ways To Wear A White Tee: To GNO or Date Night

Style tip: this t-shirt is a bit on the relaxed size, so if you're between sizes, go down a size. 


Ways To Wear A White Tee: To Play

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Maybe we should start celebrating White T-shirt Wednesdays. In college I had a group of guy friends who wore white t-shirts every Friday. I was like, GENIUS. I'm not even kidding. So I started wearing mine every Friday, too. And Wednesdays, and Tuesdays, and you get the point. Be a member of the White T-Shirt Club. There's room for us all.

Thanks for reading!