A Denim Skirt For Everyone: Summer To Fall's Perfect Transition Piece

Tina, here.

Warning: You're about to enter a denim cut-offs post. But, not shorts. A denim cut-off skirt. That I happen to think is darling, in an all-American summer shucking-the-corn, picking-blackberries kind of way. And a denim skirt is the perfect summer to fall transition piece for your wardrobe.


I'm not gonna lie. It feels a little short on me. Which is why we sort of faked the pic above and below so you can't see how short it is up close. 🙂

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But seriously, I have been a fan of denim skirts and denim jackets forEVER. Jorts? Not so much. A denim skirt is great when you want to wear shorts, but you also really don't want to wear shorts. Which is me all summer. So I wear casual skirts instead. Granted, longer can be more comfortable when you're sitting on the bleachers or taking an evening stroll. Add a t-shirt and sneakers for a low brow look, or a linen button-down and sandals to walk to your neighborhood hot spot.


(Scroll down to shop more entire outfits featuring "summer-to-fall transition with a denim skirt".)

A high-low faded denim skirt:


A little longer, a little darker and a little dressier:




If you have hips, opt for an a-line or fit and flare denim skirt. If you are petite in height, keep the length just above your kneecaps. Perfect length for me (I'm 5' 5 1/2")  is around mid-thigh to grazing the top of my kneecaps. When I wear my denim cutoff skirt, I just pretend they are shorts, which I would wear this length, about a 5" inseam (but that's the shortest I'm going).

How about some fun denim skirts?

Asymmetrical Hem:

Fit and Flare:

Raw Edge Released Hem:


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