A Treasure Trove Of Fall Blouses and How To Wear Them With Style

Tina, here.

I have this tendency to dress like an old lady (an outdated term for sure and I'm using it tongue-in-cheek because last I checked there really are no "old ladies" around, just older women whose lives carry more memories than ours). This means I love twin sets, matching gloves and pumps, lady bags and blouses. But thank heavens blouses are experiencing a revival, and all the cool girls are wearing them.

I've never been accused of being cool, and it's not a goal of mine. But I'm happy to be in the "in crowd" if it means wearing blouses. There were a few dry years spent in the desert when a good blouse was harder to find than a good man. Those days are over. The trick now is to buy the right blouse and wear it without looking stiff and stodgy. So, pair your diaphanous blouses with rich textures like velvet, leather and suede. And denim.

Shop more blouses and outfits below.

Here are some of my favorite blouses of the season.

Buy a cami made of man-made material with stretch in it (cotton will stretch out and bulk up under your clothing), and in only 3 colors: white, ivory and black.

Be sure to wear a cami under a sheer blouse (really, under any blouse at all, to give it a smooth layer).

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Fit Tips:

  • I'm a huge fan of stretch silk blouses. They seem to stay put tucked in, and if you wear it out, they move beautifully with you.
  • When you do tuck in a blouse, if you an see it bunched up under your pants, just pull it out to blouse it a bit more at your waist. Thin enough fabric won't look too bulky when you do this.
  • I don't like pockets on my blouses, unless they are not wrinkly or bulky. Best if they're buttoned down like a traditional camp shirt, and not flapping in the wind.
  • Layering with blouses is easy - just add a blazer or a pashmina. Don't worry about stuffing your blouse sleeves inside the sleeves of a blazer. Dry-cleaning will bring the shape back. A vest is also a good way to add warmth.


Jeans, boots and a pretty blouse is a perfect interpretation of my style. Here are some pretty fall blouses you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

Shop these outfits and use them as guides for how to wear your blouses this fall with either jeans and boots or skirts and pumps. Or mix it all up!

When you layer with blouses, don't worry too much about the necklines. Just add a vest or blazer. Keep any blouse collars inside the jacket.

Stock up now on blouses while they are somewhat easy to find! Thanks for reading!

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