And Now...Part III Video Release: The Shopping Day With Tina & Leslie!

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We're following my client Leslie from start to finish, through her entire Wardrobe Makeover! This is Part III, the Shopping Day when Leslie joins me as we shop my finds I've gathered just for her. We'll be releasing Part IV, the Styling, next, and it's SO good! If you missed the Closet Cleanout, and Pre-Shopping Videos, be sure to watch them first! You can catch both sneak peek videos here.

And now, the Shopping Trip! Watch as Leslie tries to go rogue on me in one store. It's ok. I'm good at interventions. Don't miss the advice I'm sharing on how to make the best decisions if you're caught in a high pressure situation, weighing your options. Don't spend money to save money! (The ole' buying something just because it's on sale!) Don't buy something that's almost perfect, but really isn't. And don't buy trendy, one-hit-wonders unless they are inexpensive and you're willing to let them go next season. Plenty more tips like these inside. Enjoy my friends! Insiders are receiving the full-length 11 minute video.

Part III: Shopping Day with Tina & Leslie

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The Style Session, Part IV, will be coming your way soon. You'll see how I style the pieces Leslie already owns and incorporate all the new items so she has outfits for days and days and days for every kind of event and outing in her life. Even for hanging around at home with family, where so many precious memories are made (and do you really want to be wearing a dirty sweatshirt when you could be wearing an old but still beautiful cashmere sweater?) See? I know - so many tips coming your way!

Looking for a great gift? A Wardrobe Makeover with me has been a popular Christmas gift the 12 years I've been doing this. You may want one yourself! After watching our videos, think about what it would be like to have me in your own closet, and shopping with you! You get access to our exclusive discounts in Nashville when you shop with us. Check out our wardrobe makeover packages here.