August: Shop Your Back-To-School Early Fall Must-Haves

Tina, here.

Good news - You will LOVE this year's Fall Styles. Some seasons I'm less than enthused, but we are in a golden age of good style right now. Your guide to the perfect fall wardrobe starts now, with this edition of early fall favorites for Back To School!

And now,...let's talk early fall favorites for your Back To School Style!**

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What's new (split hem pants, flattering tones of brown, pearl-encrusted everything, ...) is approachable for women like us who don't want to look like a silly runway. And, just on cue like my philosophy, "invest in the classics and reinvent them every season,"  are some hold-overs from last year's fall must-haves. I'll show you how to wear them with a new twist that will make them feel fresh again: florals (charming and reminiscent of beautiful old chintz), stripes (worn together with the big blousy florals), and fashion flats (yay!). And gorgeous velvet and satin everything is still hot.

Preview of what's new this fall: split hem pants, blazers, especially double-breasted (this will require some instruction), pearl-encrusted pumps, florals and the color brown. Yes, brown like chocolate and coffee.

Here are your 5 Back To School Early Fall Must-Haves:

1. Double- Breasted Blazer

Notice something a bit weird for a fall blazer here? It's pink. Yes, pink is now for fall, too. Pink linen? Maybe not. Pink wool or cashmere? Certainly. Double-breasted blazers are tricky. They can widen your frame unless they are have good proportions. Look for a narrow lapel, only one or two rows or buttons, and they must not be too far spread out across your mid section.

2. Something Brown

Brown has actually always been a go-to color for us. It is a bit more flattering to most skin tones than black, especially against, shall we say, mature skin tones. We always say buy brown boots or a brown leather jacket or a brown handbag before you buy black because brown can be worn with anything, whereas black can be harsh paired with many primary colors. You can pair brown with both neutrals and color. So rich for fall. I'm a fan.

3. Split Hem Pants

This one is fun. It's so kicky. You'll see the split hem on the sides, the front and the back of the pant leg. They are great for showing off strappy pumps and booties. This is a bonafide trend, so don't over-invest or overspend on the split hem trend. Items below may sell out quickly, but check back because many retailers will restock.


4. Chintzy Florals

Florals are so pretty. They made a significant comeback last fall, and are still strong this fall. But they are a bit more grown up, and have more of a vintage feeling, more like your rich great-aunt's summer home, and less mod and retro. If that even makes sense 🙂 But the fun thing is how to wear florals. I have always loved a good blousy floral with a stripe or plaid. Keep the scale different and the color family similar. That's the key to a good mix.

5. Pearl-Encrusted Pumps

Embellishment has been huge for several seasons. And now we are going through the Pearl Phase. Pearl encrusted or embellished accessories are a key way to make your fall wardrobe feel fresh again.

Fall fashion is here! Stay tuned for more great fall style...