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Don't you love the nostalgia of prints and styles that harken back to a romantic time in history? One such print I am in love with is toile. And it happens to be quite a "thing" this Fall so scoop it up while you can and hold onto it long after this season. That is, as long as you buy the right toile that isn't too costumey or trendy. Which is why I'm here, of course 🙂

When Krissy and I were shooting this post, I noticed that my blouse matched my curtains which matched my pillow cover on my little French bergere. I'm consistent in my taste, I'll say that. I wrote a blog once about how we often dress like we decorate (it's so old, it's not even online anymore). Case in point.

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How To Wear Toile Without Looking Like Scarlett In Her Curtain Dress

First, you have to mix any kind of old fashion/throwback print with something modern and cool so you yourself don't look old fashion and like a throwback at a costume party. I chose chocolate suede pants (similar here).

Next, make sure the print is in scale with your frame. Very large prints make you appear larger than you are. Teensy prints look childish.

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