Cyber Monday: Wrap Up Your Gift List & Be Crowned Best Gift-Giver Ever

Tina, here.

Hey there how are you feeling today? Make it through the weekend? How was your Black Friday? If you were too busy football-ing and hot cocoa-ing to even bother with Black Friday, today is your day.

We found it. You click it. It's delivered to your front door. Holiday shopping...fait accompli. This is the stuff of Cyber Monday dreams.

Shopping is our superpower. The most potent gifts are things you would miss yourself, says Philip Hewat-Jaboor, chairman of the Masterpiece London art fair. Uncovering the gifts you might miss is our forte.

Have you known the pure, unadulterated joy of making someone's eyes light up? I remember one Christmas my niece Gabrielle asked me for a cross, and when she unwrapped it and threw herself into my arms, hugging me with her whole heart, I knew the meaning of the word priceless. I got a taste of what a mother must feel when she has delighted her child. Gifts are meaningful.



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Bring style into your home this holiday!

We enjoy being your shopping elves (I prefer angels). Please let us know if there is one gift stumping you...we'll find it!