Day 4: 4 Easy Fall Outfits Using One Chic Piece

Tina, here.

Here we are! Day 4 of our 4 day experiment! We've been taking one piece of clothing, a grey turtleneck, and creating multiple outfits for 4 days (not in a row, because, laundry). Clients often ask me when I'm going through their closets or styling them, what is my favorite part of my job? And honestly, whatever I'm doing at the moment is my favorite part! Whether I'm weeding out past-due pieces from your closet or searching for the piece that will make you sing with joy every time you put it on, or showing you how to wear one dress 12 ways. I just love it all. It's the bedrock of our philosophy, use what you have and only add what you need by investing in the classics and having fun with trends on the cheap.

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Let's start with the main ingredient of the outfit. (You can skip this part if you're already up to speed with outfits for Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3 - involving a really cool moto jacket and statement belt - and jump to Day 4 below.)

A Face-Framing Knit Turtleneck

To be more specific, a grey knit turtleneck. You thought it was the white jeans, didn't you? 🙂 A turtleneck is a very flattering silhouette if you can stand it, and I think you can if you go with a knit. I chose a knit turtleneck because wool scratches my chin, and I only need its warmth on the coldest of days. I am VERY particular about the neck. I like a tight-fitting neck, but not too tight that I'm aware of it, and I like to be able to stand it up straight instead of fold in half. I think it's cleaner that way. And frames the face a bit better.

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There are so many ways to wear a turtleneck. Here are the ones I've scouted that I like for this fall, at different price points and fabrications. I'm wearing the J. Crew one, but mine isn't heathered like this year's style.

 Day 4: Chinos, Denim Jacket & Converse

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As you have gathered I'm sure, I love versatile and classic pieces that I can wear multiple ways in multiple seasons. It just makes more sense! And leaves you room to splurge on the major pieces. Have fun mixing and matching - you'll feel like you have more clothes without buying anything new!

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