A December Full Of Delights: Best Gifts For Men This Christmas

Tina, here.

More delights today to make your December that much easier and more stylish! We're talking men today, dolls.

Men. Just...men. Are the men in your life easy to shop for? Some of the men in mine are, some aren't. But one thing is for sure, men like gadgets. Devices. Electronics. This year TV's, speakers and smartwatches top their list. And cars. But to all the men in my life, sorry, no bueno.

Gifts For Your Man Tribe: Husbands, Brothers & Dads

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ihome Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio & USB Charger, Amazon, $49.95

The grey flannel design on this much-more-than-an-alarm-clock will look so handsome on his bedside table or desk.


All-new Echo (2nd Generation), Amazon, $99.99

Life-changer. I have one and all the men in my family have one and it is just the best thing since sliced bread. Trust me on this and order him one. Alexa is kind of like an assistant wife when you think about it.

ProdecoTech Phantom 8 Speed Electric Bicycle Samsung, Matte Black, One Size, Amazon, $2199.99

So 2018. An electric bike. Bike envy is a real thing. Great for college kids who don't have 4 wheels.


Custom Pet Painting From your Photo, Oil Color Portrait on Canvas, Amazon, $129

Can you even stand it? His very own dog painting to have and to hold forever. Cuteness overload. Give him his best friend.

A few more suggestions:

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Thank you for reading. Merry, Merry!



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