Your Easy Back To School Uniform - Chic & Stylish

Tina, here.

Back To School is for everyone now. Not just the kids. I get giddy this time of year. It's more than just the change of seasons, which I anticipate like a child waiting for Christmas. It's something about the smell of books and the band practicing in the schoolyard, new shoes and the Boys of Fall.

New shoes? Yes, and new jackets and handbags and jeans. Fiiiiiiinally there's a reason to shop again! You've been buying school uniforms and laptops, but now it's time to get some of your own shopping done.

Here's a start to your own chic and stylish Back To School look.

And stay tuned right here all month (it's almost August!) so you can get your fall wardrobe in order before anyone else. (psssst...Complete Insiders have already been shopping our latest August Must-Haves. They'll be released here on the blog later this week. If you want to start shopping the best in Fall Must- Haves now, join for free!)

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When wearing a midi skirt, keep your jacket either cropped, or fitted at the waist.

A denim jacket and a backpack say Varsity à la Adult when worn like this.

I recently discovered these feather earrings (above) and have been wearing the heck out of them. You can see them up close on me below.

Converse are also a Back To School Must-Have, now more than ever as the fashion sneaker is still going strong.


Shop more looks below!

You would think I would not recommend this pair of wedges based on the clunkiness and the wide ankle strap, but let me tell you, I saw it when shopping with a client recently on a dear friend of mine's who is on her feet all day long, working retail, and it looked fab. AND she told me it was the most comfortable pair of shoes she owns. I tried it on, and ordered it on the spot. And I love it.

If you don't want to go the backpack route, a tote is just as chic. Stripes are a big theme this fall, and I think this tote with the sailor stripe is so sharp.
Thanks for reading...can't wait to keep you in style all fall long! But, there are still more summer days so we'll straddle the seasons for a few more weeks!