Easy, Chic Fall Jeans Outfits

Tina, here.

People ask me, what's the most popular item you find in your clients' closets? Easy. Jeans. And thank God for that. It used to be evil capris, but I'd like to think I can take a small piece of the credit for winning the war against those. Now, I'm not saying just because jeans are the most popular item that they're all great. In fact, I'd say the one category of clothing I wean out the most is also jeans. The other, being round-toe clodhoppers I mean shoes.

We're a jeans-wearing culture. Kids wear them to school. Men and women wear them to work. And collegiates wear them when they're not wearing leggings or soffee short-shorts. So for this reason, the error of margin is large and wide and we need to make sure you're wearing the right jeans, the right way.

What Separates The Good From The Great In Jeans?

These CAMBIO Parla Medium Wash Blue Stretch Denim Jeans  from Halsbrook are going to be your new faves. I simply love them for their fit (and we know, Fit Is First), the rinse and the shape. They come in 2 rinses, a dark and a faded. I'm wearing the faded, because, you know, western glam and all.


When it comes to fit, the most often-made mistakes are the the waist being too big (because our hips are bigger than our waist, and that's the way God made us), the length too short or too long, and the pockets too small or too big, and with too much stitching. Here are your solutions:

  • Taking in the waist is an easy and inexpensive alteration. And you'll solve that pesky feeling of your jeans falling down and the gap in the back when you sit down.
  • Hemming is also easy. For skinny jeans, always hem to your mid-ankle bone. For straight jeans, the ONLY way to wear these is to cuff them; otherwise they turn your legs into shapeless tree trunks. You'll cuff them to the same place, mid-ankle bone.

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  • The back pockets on my jeans above are PERFECT. They are perfectly placed on the bum, perfectly sized, and the non-intrusive stitching doesn't draw unnecessary attention. The wrong back pockets can ruin your entire look. Read why here.

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You can see how I've cuffed my jeans just so. Good dressing is all in the details, dolls.

Here's what else separates the good from the great in a pair of jeans: high quality fabric. These classic Parla jeans are cut from a comfortable and breathable stretch cotton-elastane blend. Composition: 92% cotton, 6% EME, 2% elastane. (You never want more than 3% stretch, so these come in at a perfect 2%.) What this means is that they will not lose their shape dramatically every time you wear them, and, even more important, they will fade nicely without those awful stripes or dots that show up on lesser quality denim after repeated washings. And this is why I pull most jeans out of closets - the rinses have not aged well and they look dated. If you pay over $100 for a pair of jeans, they ned to have a longer shelf life than a couple years. I'm wearing mine with my KINROSS Truffle Brown Wool Cashmere Coat.  Consider this a classic wardrobe building block, an investment piece you'll wear for years.

Easy, Chic Fall Jeans Outfits

I adore the faded rinse of these jeans. My next purchase will be the darker rinse, which you can dress up quite nicely. I know they're expensive, but I promise you, when you put them on, you will see why. And when you are still wearing them in 5 years, you'll realize their cost per wear is not very much at all!

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Easy, Chic Fall Jeans Outfits

I move toward greys and ivories with my faded jeans in the Fall. I've given you some options below you can shop if you don't have a pretty off-white blouse already. I'm wearing the PONO BY JOAN GOODMAN Ana Peacock Seafoam Granite Resin Link Necklace.  It has an adjustable brass chain and lobster claw closure.


Shop The Look

Other Tops and Shoes

You can really change a look by changing up the accessories.

Embrace the jeans culture we love in, but don't be afraid to dress them up a bit! Happy shopping and thank you for visiting.





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