Exclusive Discount! 9 Fresh Fall Classics You Need In Your Closet!

Tina, here.

Are you SO excited about Fall? You should be because Fall fashion this year is outstanding. And it's not every Fall I can say that. In the 12 years I've been a stylist, I've seen a lot of trends come and go. But the thing is, who can afford to buy the latest looks each and every season? Even if you could, why would you? You'd just have to get rid of about 90% of what you buy within the season or two because, let's all say it together, the fastest way to age yourself is to wear an outdated trend. That's why I'm so committed to teaching you that a wardrobe built on the classics, and only peppered with inexpensive trends, is the way to create lovely, and interesting, outfits that make everyone around you say, she's just always so well put-together!

Take a look at my new favorite white button-down from Halsbrook. The collar is perfect. And so is the placement of the buttons. Add it to your closet with our exclusive discount code below!

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Why spend more on a Fall wardrobe?

Fall, more than any other season, is the very best time to update your timeless classics, to invest in some great wardrobe building blocks you can wear for years to come. Spring & Summer clothing is more whimsical and flighty, which is why designers send more daring, read trends with a shorter shelf-life, styles down the runway. If you think about it, it makes sense. Fall and Winter pieces like a beautiful cashmere sweater coat, cost more, and so you can't replace them every season. Classic styles can be worth the extra investment when they are perfect. It's that whole "cost per wear" thing. (Not a member? No problem, click here to get access to this Guide and even more!) Cropped flare jeans- cute but trendy, so don't overpay. Classic, perfectly shaped and with the right stitching pair of jeans? When you find a good pair, pay the price or you'll regret it every time you pull them on and grimace.

A pair of jeans with perfectly placed back pockets, and non-intrusive stitching should make you sing. These will. Shop them below.

The point is, now is the time to update and refresh your Fall classics. There are so many gorgeous styles I can't wait to show you! After discovering Halsbrook earlier this year (remember the miracle pants?), it's now one of our go-to destinations for great quality, classic but modern clothing and the kind of accessories that complete an outfit. Their personal level of customer service, plus free shipping and returns, make shopping the site so easy. And guess what? I've managed to secure for our Insider Members a very special 10% discount off your entire order, including my favorite 9 Fall classics to buy now! This discount is only available to our monthly members. You can find all Insider exclusives here.

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Discount applies to your entire order. Total savings up to $245 on just my 9 picks! Good for  one week only, 9/22/18 - 9/28/18, end of day.  

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The 9 Fresh Fall Classics You Need Now (don't forget to apply your discount at checkout!)

1. KINROSS Truffle Brown Wool Cashmere Coat $995/ Insider price $895.50  (consider this a classic wardrobe building block, an investment piece you'll wear for years)

An understated, elegant aesthetic. Crafted from soft luxurious cashmere and a wool blend, this topper has an open front and ribbed long sleeves. The easy, refined silhouette drapes beautifully for a universally flattering fit.

You'll see this coat pop up in several outfits for this post. I adore the ribbed stretch sleeves so you can wear it over short-sleeves or something more bulky just as easily. It also hits at just the perfect spot, to cover your bum. Here I'm wearing it somewhat casually with the Cambio jeans and white blouse, both featured below.

The topper is a good transition piece into Fall/Winter. And of course, it looks great with white jeans and this black and grey knit sweater (not wool!)


2. KINROSS Pink and Beige Tapestry Ikat Print Silk Cashmere Scarf $155 / Insider price $139.50

An ikat printed scarf for a sophisticated feel. Crafted from a luxurious and lightweight cashmere-silk blend.

I've styled this scarf several ways in this post so you can see its versatility. If you wear a lot of neutrals and / or solids, an ikat scarf is a lovely way to add a spot of pattern and color.

The great thing about this scarf is it's oversized enough to function as a pashmina.


3. Black and Grey Open Collar Cotton Sweater $165 / Insider price $148.50


This soft, pima cotton sweater is designed with a flattering face-framing stand-up collar for a stylish, yet comfortable wear. Pair yours with slim pants and leather flats for a polished city look.

Can you say Perfect Color Combo?? I have always been drawn to open collar sweaters because I think they frame the face so beautifully. This is such a great layering piece. And a cotton long-sleeve top that is cute for Fall is nearly impossible to find. Found.



4. HINSON WU Donna White Stretch Cotton Shirt $170 / Insider price $153


This white button down is made from mid-weight stretch cotton-poplin, with a large wing collar, and side hem slits.

You know why I love this blouse? It has darts in the front and the back so you can wear it in or out, and the collar is exceptionally beautiful.

One of the best tips I can give you is to pop the collar of your blouses just so - not standing all the way up, but just a half fold right at the base of your neck. Popping the collar like this elongates your neck without looking too Tibby from the Country Club.


5. CAMBIO Parla Medium Wash Blue Stretch Denim Jean $235 / Insider price $211.50


Your new favorite jeans because of the excellent fit and high quality fabrics. These classic Parla jeans are cut from a comfortable and breathable stretch cotton-elastane blend. Composition: 92% cotton, 6% EME, 2% elastane. (You never want more than 3% stretch, so these come in at a perfect 2%.)


Have you been jeans shopping lately? I have for about a year, but this pair secured my affection when I first laid eyes on them. It was the faded rinse and the lack of prominent stitching. But they had 2 more tests to pass: fit and comfort. A++ They also come in a darker rinse that you could easily dress up a bit for a night out.


I'm sacrificing some of my modesty and shyness to point out to you that these back pockets are PERFECT. The wrong back pockets can ruin your entire look. Read why here. And trust me that these will elevate your outfit and give you a great bum!

6. GRETCHEN SCOTT Navy Ruffle Neck Dress* $149 / Insider price $134.10



Slim fit with a ruffled V-neckline and elbow-length sleeves, this is a go-anywhere (even packed in a suitcase), wear 4 seasons out of the year dress. Additional 4 inch hem for length adjustment.

*Quantities for this Gretchen Scott dress are currently limited. But, Halsbrook expects to get more in stock very soon. If the dress appears to be out of stock, you can simply click on the "Add to Wishlist" button and enter your size and email address. You will then be notified when the dress is back in stock, and your discount will be honored (for members only, but you can join the 5 day free trial to access the discount code).

I'll be showing you how to wear this dress 4 ways, in every season. This look is great for early on in the Fall season. I'm wearing it with the Kinross ikat scarf above.

This Kenneth Jay Lane Multicolored Beaded Necklace has the most gorgeous, vibrant colors! Perfect for this Fall's bright color palette. You can save 10% on it, too!

7. JULIE VOS Quatro Coin Earrings $85 / Insider price $76.50

Inspired by old minted coins and cast in 24 karat gold and richly textured, these coin earrings are classic, yet on-trend.


You can see the generous size of these earrings in this photo from their website. Yet they are classic enough that they won't be overpowering.


8. PONO BY JOAN GOODMAN Ana Peacock Seafoam Granite Resin Link Necklace $160 / Insider price $144

Signature Italian resin chain link choker rendered in a marble-like swirl of tones to create a unique statement that combines the versatility and lightness of resin with the intricacy of natural stone. Adjustable brass chain, lobster claw closure.

This resin necklace is so light! Has the appearance of stone or wood in my view. It's a great length to wear over a crew neck dress or with a collared blouse.


9. SERPUI Leona Black Mini Bag $345 / Insider price $310.50


This Leona bag perfectly combines functionality with craftsmanship. It's crafted with gleaming gold-tone metal hardware to outline the elegant, retro-inspired silhouette. Polished bamboo handles add a touch of glamor to this intricately woven and sharply structured handbag.  Detachable leather shoulder strap,
top tuck-in flap with magnetic closure.

You may be asking if the bamboo and woven texture is Fall-appropriate. The answer is yes. About the only thing that isn't year-round still is linen, and even linen is some renditions can pass as year-round. But this handbag is a great Summer to Fall transition, and keep carrying it well into Fall.


The shoulder strap is genius! It makes this handbag a great travel bag.

Thank you friends for stopping by and reading! Don't forget to enter your discount code at checkout (code hidden for members) when you purchase anything on the website - with just my picks it's a total savings of up to $245! You only have til midnight 9/28/18! You will love Halsbrook for their customer service, beautiful packaging and of course, these must-haves for your Fall wardrobe!

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