Exclusive Discount! All-New October Must-Haves

Tina, here.

I broke down and built my "First Fire" of the season a couple weeks ago during one of our cool snaps, when Nashville hit a low of 69, as opposed to 89. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I absolutely love building a fire, watching TV by the fire, reading by the fire and I will even sleep on my sofa in front of the fire if the embers are still burning. So, naturally, I've been wearing my plaid, cords and booties. Based on last month's must-haves, I'd go ahead and snag this month's while you can. Several items immediately sold out. October must-haves are full-on Fall. We're talking tall boots, sweaters and scarves. You may not actually need these til November depending on your climate, but I assure you, the best of the litter in each category will be gone by then because shiny, sparkly holiday party clothes will be lining the shelves and those everyday, wear-anywhere, trusty faves will be scarce.

The fabulous Sevier Skirt in the cover photo I'm wearing is the Chuck, I'm wearing it with this J.McLaughlin sweater.

October Must-Haves + Exclusive J.McLaughlin Lexi Jeans 10% Discount!

I've managed to secure for our Insider Members a very special 10% discount off one of my 6 October Must-Haves from J. McLaughlin, the Lexi Jeans! This discount is only available to our monthly members. You can find all Insider exclusives here.

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Discount applies to the Lexi Jeans. Good for one week only, 9/29/18 - 10/06/18, end of day. 

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J.McLaughlin Lexi Slim Stretch Jeans, $165 / Insider price $148.50

The J.McLaughlin shop in Nashville is my go-to for dresses, blouses and pants because the fabrics (and price points) are amazing - they have really changed the way my clients wear dresses because they are machine washable (even the faux suede!), wrinkle-resistant, and created from unique blends of stretch knits and jerseys that sculpt and camouflage in the most flattering ways. I have clients from size 0 to 18 wearing their clothes. I wish all of you could meet my friend Suzy who manages the Nashville store - she has taught me so much about fabrication and all my clients just adore her and her team. Stop by to see them if you come visit Nashville!

Discount good for one week only, 9/29/18 - 10/06/18, end of day. 

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My Other 5 October Must-Haves

1. J.McLaughlin Lexi Slim Stretch Jeans, $165 / Insider price $148.50 with code [hidden]

My friend, Suzy, the superstar manager at Nashville's J.McLaughlin, never steers me wrong. And she says these are their most popular pants. They feel good, look good, and wear well. There are 2 colors, a rich burgundy and a gorgeous mocha. I like them hemmed exactly where they are in this picture, grazing the tip of the ankle bone, or the middle if you are tall.

How You Will Wear The Jeans

2. Cashmere Poncho

I bought this poncho last year at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale in grey, and I wore it ALL the time, EVERYWHERE. I regretted not buying it in black. So it was one of my top picks for this year's Anniversary Sale. Nows your chance to snag it in this soft olive. It is still available in black, grey and burgundy.

How You Will Wear The Poncho

J. McLaughlin Stretch Ankle Pants $165

J. McLaughlin Reed Scarf $88

J. McLaughlin Brie Tote $298

3. Wrap Coat

Wear this wrap coat with dresses (it's fine if the dresses are a tad longer than the coat), over jeans and even over a cocktail dress. Wear it with any color in your wardrobe. And my favorite thing about it? It's not black. So buy it.

How You Will Wear The Coat



J. McLaughlin Sancerre Sweater $298

J. McLaughlin Masie Pants, 5 colors $158

J.McLaughlin Catalyst Dress in Palm Springs $238

J.McLaughlin Lillian Faux Suede Dress $198 (this is THE best wrap dress I've seen in a long time - just try it!)

J. McLaughlin Reed Scarf $88

4. Twist Front Tee

You heard it here this summer. Why Is This The Most Flattering T-Shirt Ever? Here's Why.

How You Will Wear The Tee


5. Leather Gloves

You know that one thing that like 90% of women are wearing the wrong size in?...This is the second offender. Most of your leather gloves are too big. Just like a leather jacket, they must be snag. They stretch, and never go back to their original shape. You don't want wrinkly, baggy hands. Replace your leather gloves.

How You Will Wear The Gloves

J.McLaughlin Skye Wrap - if you don't like to bother with pashminas, this wrap is super-easy to wear, and a fabulous "3rd piece" to complete an outfit. $238

6. Tall Boots

FINALLY. There are regular boots back on the market. I've had it with OTK boots, "over the knee." And this color, cognac, is rare. Stock up now. I also like grey boots. They are soft and pretty, and go with everything in your closet.

How You Will Wear The Boots

J.McLaughlin Catalyst Dress in Palm Springs $238

J.McLaughlin Reed Scarf $88

Insiders, don't forget to shop now before this post goes public! Use code [hidden for Members] at checkout for 10% off your J. McLaughlin Lexi jeans! And don't miss all the Guides and posts that are Insider exclusives!

Happy shopping! And if you already own these must-haves, use these collages as outfit inspirations. Thank you for visiting.





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