Fall Jackets Wish List

Tina , here.

Ooooooh I just love it when the weather turns and I can pull out my jackets. It's been a long time coming here in Nashville for this cooler weather. I've got two kinds of jackets I'm really into this season, and a lot of it has to do with the fact it's been such a mild Fall.

One is a vest, and the other is a short-sleeve jacket.

I mean, they are just so practical! If you live in a warmer climate, you can layer with a vest or short-sleeve jacket. And in colder climates, you can do the same! See how practical! But, there are rules. You knew there would be. We'll start there.

The Rules For Wearing Vests

1. NEVER zip a puffy vest. Unless yours is the exception to the rule.


Michilen man. There's an exception to this rule: chevron stitching. See below.


This puffer vest has very flattering chevron stitching, which narrows the mid-section and creates the illusion of a waist. Which is a quite a feat when wearing fluffy down vest. 


2. Look for narrow baffles.  And extra credit for chevron-stitching.

When you put wide chambers full of down on your torso, guess what, your torso looks wide, too. 


This vest, which converts to a travel pillow, has a trimmer, more tailored look, and therefore looks great zipped! 

Wearing Vests

Two years ago I waited too late and missed out on the good vests. Last year I pounced early. And this year, I've already bought another. I just love a good, practical piece of clothing! But, lesson learned, don't hesitate. Get a vest now before they're all snatched up!

Tone-on-tone winter white is dreamy on a misty Fall or Winter day. Keep all your pieces sleek and nothing too bulky, or otherwise, you won't like it.


Wearing Short-Sleeve Jackets

Next up is a short-sleeve jacket. Mine is fur, that I snagged at a summer Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. When no one else was thinking about cold weather! I noticed, and I've mentioned here a few times because it made such an impression on me, that the women in Paris wear short-sleeve furs and I figured it out - it's so much easier when you're bopping in and out of stores on foot to manage a little jacket, that keeps you quite warm, than a heavy coat!

You can wear a short-sleeve jacket with almost anything. Over a sweater, a blouse, a dress. What I would not wear it over? A blazer.


Think about stepping out in this versatile piece, the short-sleeve jacket, or the trusty vest is always a good idea. Just don't delay, like I did!

Thanks for reading!




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