Fall Layers: The Most Important Tip

Tina, here.

I have a few questions. I'm so confused. Why do people make clothes that look bad on everyone? And then why do people, aka street stylers, have to wear them during NYFW? And while I'm at it, I want to tell the fashion show-goers to sit up straight in their seats and take off their sunglasses and smile for crying out loud. I'm not going to call anyone out specifically; I'm just making a broad generalization. But fall dressing seems to be a prime target for getting it wrong. One of the worst ways to mess up an outfit that needs to be practical and stylish is to get layering wrong.

Fall's Most Important Layering Tip...


Tame the fullness.

The easiest way is with a belt. If you can't bring yourself to wear a belt, I have a few other great solutions you'll find here, Your Ultimate Guide: 7 Rules To Look Less Frumpy. (for Complete Insiders)

First you take your summer t-shirt dress and add a wrap. In my case I added a cashmere poncho.

This poncho comes in like a million amazing colors.


Now, belt it! If you don't have a waist, I'm showing you how to create the illusion of a waist in Your Ultimate Guide: 7 Rules To Look Less Frumpy.





Another way to tame the fullness when layering with coats and jackets is to choose a shorter jacket.

You can see my capelet hits right under my hips, and my dress falls below - which is perfectly acceptable.



If you like wearing down vests like I do, opt for one that is cut slim through the waist, or has a Chevron Quilted pattern.

You can also go tone-on-tone to keep the lines clean and simple. A break in color and pattern can add visual bulk.

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I know you've taken on board the most important tip for fall layering: tame the bulk! Either belt it, shrink it or match it in color and you'll be as sleek as Anna Wintour's hair on the front row.

Thanks for reading!




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