Tina, here.

I tear up during the National Anthem. Every time. And I love fireworks like nobody's business. I think I get all this love of our land from my grandmother, who was a member of the Colonial Dames. She was not known to tear up much, but she did treasure our family history and made sure I had a copy of our family tree, going all the way back to my many times over great-grandfather, who was the first governor of Williamsburg, la di da. It's no wonder I'm such a nut about America. And now, my sister Millie and I are proud members of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America, too. Doesn't that sound fancy! And proper! But let me tell you, it is so much fun. We even celebrate the Landing of the Mayflower every year. So you can imagine, the Fourth of July is huge for me.

It seems odd, even to me, that I like a shirt with stars and stripes on it. I am not a fan of what I call holiday dressing. You know, the red dress with little candy canes on it, or the orange sweater with an embroidered pumpkin. But if it's subtle, I'm all about it. I like suggestive festive clothing. So, nothing that screams you're an adult posing as a child in a bike parade. (Unless, of course, this is your schtick.)

I just feel this is a little too much.

But what about these Fourth of July outfits?

Ok so these are a little less subtle, but I still think you could pair white jeans with the tops and sweaters for a cute look.

And how about these, just for fun!



But wait. Look how cute this is.

4th of July puppies!! I love every kind of holiday decorating!

Thank you for visiting. Please have a wonderful Fourth of July, celebrating all that is good in our country!





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