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Tina, here.

It always sneaks up on us. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S NOVEMBER? We're almost half-way though the month. PSA: you only have 6 Saturdays to do your Christmas shopping. (Insiders had an extra one because they got this post early, and actually have also been shopping my Holiday Home Guide!)

I mean, let's be honest, I've had my Christmas tree up since September, but that's because we started doing our Holiday Home decorating guide back then (and it's just so pretty, I couldn't bear to put it up).  But, back to the matter at hand. What are you going to wear for Thanksgiving? Fret no more, dolls. Here's your plan. If you don't have it in your closet, buy it now to avoid (1) going to the mall and (2) having it sell out, as the good stuff does this time of year.

What To Wear: Your Thanksgiving Outfit

Now, you don't have to wear what I'm wearing, but this is a guide for how to shop your closet.

1. First, find a knit dress.

Dress? Yes. Who wants an annoying pants waistband/girdle strapping you in on Thanksgiving? But. Must. Be. Knit. Why? Um hi it's Thanksgiving and you'll be eating. Also, you'll be moving around a lot, and knit wears well. Doesn't wrinkle. Has some stretch. I lump "jersey" into this knit category.

Here are some great Thanksgiving-y dresses!

Here are a few more knit dresses.

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2. Add a little jacket or wrap.

It's the strangest thing. For some reason it seems hard to regulate body temperature on holidays. I think it's the doors opening and closing to the outside, the crowded rooms, those awkward family moments that cause flushing, and in the South you never know if it's going to be 65 or 35. So you need a layer you can add and remove at will. I chose a leather jacket/shirt.

3. Wear some fashion-y booties.

For those of you "who hate when a family member asks you why you're all dressed up - duh you're the Kim of the family, that's why" - shoes make or break an outfit. It's a holiday. Heels are out of the question. Comfort shoes are usually ugly (not when you wear these). So you need the support and good looks of a boot. Caveat: if you're wearing booties with a dress, which is kinda hard to pull off in my opinion, they've gotta be nude. Otherwise, you'll look like you've got 2 big clodhoppers attached to your legs.

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A nice plus, this outfit travels and packs well.

Now that you've got your outfit all figured out, let's talk about your house. Have you started decorating for the holidays? Every year we've done a little daily holiday decorating guide, and this year we decided to release it all at once so you could get a head start and have your home ready for the holidays now!

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LOADS of holiday decorating ideas, and you can shop everything from the Guide. I always stick to my "use what you have" philosophy, like my closet, and so you will be amazed what you already have on hand to make your home sparkle this holiday.
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