Hot Weather Dressing To Keep You Cool

Tina, here.

I haven't seen an ocean since I don't know when. Oh, wait. Last February. So I'm not so deprived after all! But still, I believe you need to see the ocean at least once a year not to go crazy. I'm bordering on needing it twice a year to stay sane. We all know the ocean heals. But not all of us get to jet off twice, much less, once a year. So we summon the ocean to us. We dress as if we're at the seaside (which I believe are 3 of the most beautiful words ever run together).

Dressing cool in hot weather when you'd like to stay classy doesn't have to be hard. Choose lightweight, natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and stick to cool blue and white tones, the colors of the sea. No stringy tank tops revealing your bra straps or too-short dresses needed. Want to stand out for your style? Wear clothes. That's all it takes in this barely-dressed culture.

I've been a big fan of linen ever since I first saw Meryl Streep wearing it in Out Of Africa as Karen Blixen. The costumes in that film are divine. Lots of gorgeous linens and batiste and silk. In the South, we need hard-working materials, but the kind that don't require a hot, layering cami. My linen popover blouse is from Gap. Very at the seaside, don't you think?

My Wrangler jeans are a new obsession. (I think I may overuse that word, but no apologies for being excited all the stinkin time about new styles I want to share with you!) But these jeans are less than $75! And in my favorite faded rinse.


I've become re-devoted to Wrangler jeans. I met some of their team during CMA Fest in Nashville this year, and wow have they re-energized this All-American brand! Fits my western glam obsession quite nicely, actually. I'm wearing the Wrangler Women's 70Th Anniversary Zip-Crop Skinny Jeans. And I loooove them. Only partly because they remind me of my Jordache ankle zip jeans from 6th grade.

You'll notice I dress in tone-on-tone outfits quite often. All shades of blue, or of pinks, or greys, or whites mixed with ivory. It's a great way to avoid the garanimal trap of wearing a matching blue top with your blue and white polka-dot shorts. I just don't do that, or dress our clients like that. Shades of neutrals with a pop of color, or tone-on-tone color is how I like it. Give it a try, and stay cool! Fall will be here before you know it!

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