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I have always loved a sarong. And you know I love love love any item that can be worn multiple ways. Two-in-one is practically a prerequisite when we're shopping for clients. And this Caravana sarong is not to be underestimated for its versatility. (1) Wear it as a swimsuit coverup skirt/sarong and (2) tie it up as a halterneck top.* How-To Guides with illustrations provided below.


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But first, it must be pointed out that none of this is allowed at the pool or beach.

Canoeing? Yes. Swim meet? Maybe. But that's about it.

So...moving right along...

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One Cover-Up, Two Ways

1. Sarong.  I've grown to really love a skirt because it's a nice way to cover up without missing out on any sun while walking along the beach or to grab a cold tea. Plus, it's easy access if you're wearing a hat (which you are, aren't you??) and don't want to pull anything over your head.

2. Halterneck. Another fun way to style your sarong in to a top.


How-To Guides: How To Tie Sarongs and Halter Neck Tops

This sarong makes it pretty easy with the leather ties...here are a few pics of the sarong itself followed by how to make it look like this.


Typically, I don't favor a bow when there's a tie involved, but the leather is tough enough here to make up for the sweetness and bulkiness of a bow.

How To Tie A Sarong

Start with a long rectangle.

Cross the two ends.

Just keep pulling them around your waist til the ties meet. I'll often wiggle the skirt around so there's a double layer on my backside.

Tie her up and voila! Should take you about 30 seconds.


How To Tie A Halter Neck Top

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I love a halter top - it flatters any woman because it shows off our shoulders, always a good feature!

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