How to Wear Belts to Finish Any Outfit

Hi Ladies,

True confession...I am a belt hoarder. I have always looked at belts as the finishing touch to just about any outfit. Think of them as the icing on the most beautiful cake you've ever eaten. Or the cherry on an ice cream sundae. Belts can really take an outfit to the next level when used properly.


I LOVE to add a belt worn down on my hips. Tina and I talk to our clients about hip belts frequently. They are a way to add definition to your waist area, and to create the hourglass figure that all of us are striving for when we might be wearing something that doesn't achieve that on its own.


A collection of belts with different color hardware to match the jewelry I want to wear is something I've been working on for several years. I read an article in Wall Street Journal a while back about how retailers are scaling back their inventory of belts. It really is true; great ones are hard to find but so worth the hunt!



I love to add a belt over my cardigans to dress them up a little. You can add a belt in a totally different color tone than what you're wearing. When I do this, I like to add in that color with a similar shoe color. It doesn't have to match exactly.


Any of these cardigans can be worn with this belt because of its neutral color.


The belt can be worn on the outside of the cardigan like I'm wearing it, or cinched tight under an open cardigan as well, to give the illusion once again of your hourglass figure.


You know how frustrating it is to put a belt on a pair of pants and the buckle causes a huge bump under your blouse or sweater? My wonderful friend Diane introduced me to the clear skinny Invisibelt to wear in these cases. It's not to be worn on the outside, just on the inside to keep your pants up!


See how much more flat the skinny belt is without that bulky buckle? Every belt wardrobe needs one of these. I've included many great belt options in your Style Vault Collection for Complete Insiders. If you're not an Insider, try our free 5 day trial and start shopping!

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