How To Wear: Chic Summer Neutrals

Tina, here.

My addiction to white clothes shows no signs of abating. If I'm not wearing white, I'm wearing something that suggests white like ivory or champagne or sometimes I get crazy and venture into shades of blush or camel. But I always come back to my first love, white.

I love love love pairing white with ivory or cream. I know, shocking! But it is so soothing and soft, and can be quite elegant. I've noticed women whose style, throughout the last 60 or so years I've admired, tend to often dress in neutrals.

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Don't be afraid of white. The right whites can look good on any shape. My white skinny jeans are from Vici, and almost sold out - so here are some similar styles:


White on ivory is a wonderful summer pairing because it's so light and cool and airy.


If you can't wear ivory next to your face, just swap and wear white on top and ivory on the bottom. Or white on white or ivory on ivory work too!


Take a chance on white. You'll feel oh so refreshed!

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