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The classics never age. (Can I please be a classic, then?) They are reinvented and refreshed, but they remain tried and true to their origins. There's something comforting about this. And, as such, every Spring I hearken back to nautical stripes. And boatnecks.

My bracelet is one of my faves. A word on horizontal stripes. If they are too wide, they create a lot of volume and, well, width. Too narrow, and they go dizzy on you. I've picked the "just right" stripes for you, so you don't have to worry about that. I tend to really only like nautical stripes, which are traditionally blue and white. Otherwise you veer into clown and/or kindergarten stripes.

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I'm putting it out there. I am very restrictive about what to wear with stripes, especially blue and white. And that would be, white or blue. That is, I suggest only wearing white or blue with white and blue stripes. Why? Because, stripes are busy. When you add a 3rd element to pattern and color by way of another color, it's just too much if you like a more classic approach to the nautical theme. Exception (and there always is one) : I do like some stripes with some florals (the blue daisies).

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I added a little cropped jacket...over-air conditioned rooms are an embarrassment of riches.

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