Navy Is So Very Now

Tina, here.

SPRING IS COMING. I just know it. I mean, we may have one more snow here in Nashville (I remember a few snowy Easters, which ruined the opportunity to wear an Easter dress), and you may be gearing up for another month or two of cold and snow where you live, but Spring IS coming. And Navy is always ripe for Spring. I hold off on navy and white til it warms up significantly, so navy on navy is perfect for these cold Spring days. And it just so happens that navy is coming round the bend again as a hot Spring color you'll see everywhere. So wear it and you'll feel so very current and "now."

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My favorite dark skinny jeans shrank. Ha isn't that how you sometimes feel when you can't fit into your jeans? My good clothes never hit the heat in the wash or dry cycle so they don't shrink. I think we can all guess what's going on here. Ahem. Sooo I wanted to replace them and decided to update them with another pair of the growing-in-popularity girlfriend jeans I ordered from Amazon (they call them boyfriend jeans, but they're not as baggy as typical boyfriend jeans, so I am calling them girlfriend). Under $100! They are so much more comfortable because they are roomier than skinny jeans! But this means you have to get the fit just right. Not too loose, not too tight. Girlfriend jeans are straight cut, which is the worst and most unflattering cut on a woman there ever could be, UNLESS you cuff or roll the hems. We did a post on this you have to watch!

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These are my jeans - I bought them in 2 washes and love both of them!

This is the lighter rinse, called Authenticity.


I like one big cuff. You can see the seam where they were cuffed twice when they came in the mail and I just haven't ironed it out yet. But I prefer one big cuff because the more cuffs you have, the bulkier the ankles look.


I love this whole tone-on-tone thing and so I'm wearing a navy silk blouse, a navy topcoat and turquoise jewelry.

How To Put It Together


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