Now Released! The Life-Changing Magic of Styling Up

Tina, here.

Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing? It's transformative. And I think it works. Although I still like my method of cleaning out a closet better, but boy does she have some really good ideas. (Related: The Only Way To Successfully Clean Out Your Closet (So You Can Dress With More Style.) If your closet is a mess and/or you take longer to get ready in the morning or for a night out, this post right here will be transformative! I'm showing you what makes an outfit look good, and how to put it together fast. There's a little formula. You're getting it today! It seems like magic. But it's not. You can do it. Follow along.

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Why is it so tough to get it together every morning when we're dressing for the day? I've tried lots of tricks: laying out my clothes the night before (I always change my mind the next morning). Hanging a week's worth of outfits in one section of my closet (boy does that take some planning ahead). Sticking to a uniform of white jeans and a different top each day. This was actually my favorite system for a loooong time. Then I got bored. And then I realized (strange how it took me a while to do this for myself) that if I create photo albums of every possible outfit for my clients when I do their style session, WHY DON'T I HAVE ONE? Sometimes I worry about  myself.

Pardon the quality of the pics. And the dustbuster. When I started taking these, I hadn't planned on sharing. But I had to! We're in this together, dolls.

Different outfit. Same dustbuster.

Ok so I did get serious and I have some MUCH better pics to show you how I'm wearing my Summer capsule wardrobe. It requires inventiveness to have fewer clothes. And it can take more time to create a new look every day. Hence, the Style Album. Flip through it, pick the outfit. Done. The last style album I created for myself was eight years ago. I allowed myself probably a little more that what might technically be called a Capsule Wardrobe, but hello, it's me. Hi my name is Tina and I am addicted to clothes. Early Access Members are getting to see the whole Album and why I picked what I did, and how I incorporated these rules. Speaking of rules...

The 3 Rules For Creating Fabulous Outfits Every Day

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Where do you even start to create a fabulous outfit, without spending more than 5 minutes? Is there some kind of formula? Well, yes there is! You need to know the 3 most important rules for putting together lovely outfits so you feel amazing every day. It's so true, isn't it, that if we feel good about what we're wearing, we carry ourselves with a little more sense of dignity and pride. We have more self-respect. And, heck it's fun to look great!


Simpler than it may sound, all this means is opposites attract. Stevie Nicks said it first. Leather and lace. If you're wearing something loose on top (like a tunic), wear something fitted on the bottom (like skinny jeans). If you're wearing a longer dress, wear a cropped jacket. If you're wearing a shorter skirt, wear a longer jacket.


Skinny metallic jeans (similar) with loose sweater (similar) and Frye boots.

The rule of high contrast dressing also applies to theme dressing. Not like costumes. More like this: if you're wearing a conservative, professional dress suit, add a small yet funky piece of jewelry instead of the expected pearl studs. Or denim and sequins. Or if you're dressing for an evening out and go with a strong red lip, do a neutral eye. Likewise, if you are wearing a statement piece of jewelry like chandelier earrings, go simple with the rest of your jewelry like a simple chain around your neck.


Denim jacket with J. Crew sequin top (similar) and satin skirt.

More examples of High Contrast Dressing:



One of my favorite ways to dress. And such a smart rule to follow. What this rule means is that not everything can be high end, but neither can everything be low end. Mix it up. For example, if you're carrying a very nice handbag, you could wear jeans and a tee. It's the Chanel bag and J. Crew t-shirt kind of thing. Or let's say you're wearing a killer leather jacket. Pair it with broken-in boots and maybe a cute clutch from the discount store. There's a caveat. When you are investing in a high-end purchase like a handbag or fabulous pair of earrings, make sure they are more classic than trendy. Expensive pieces need to have staying power, a longer shelf life. Low-end, lower priced purchases should have shorter shelf-lives.

Classic Chanel jacket (similar, pre-owned), Zara pants (similar).

J. Crew sequin top (similar) with Converse.


Everyone wonders why their outfits never seem "finished." It's because usually you're lacking that 3rd piece. The finisher. The outfit completer. Jeans and a cute top? You're not finished. Add a 3rd piece. Could be statement shoes (you have to wear shoes, but make them fun!), or a statement piece of jewelry. Or a jacket or pashmina. Or a belt. But hold on there, cowgirl. Only one finisher per outfit. You just want that 3rd piece, not the 4th and 5th. There is an exception: you're going to a party and have nothing dressy enough to wear. Put on your LBD, then add every piece of jewelry you own plus red lips!

Add a belt or run a scarf through your belt loops! (This look is from Halsbrook, my new favorite online store!)

Add a big ole necklace.

See how these rules kind of overlap? That makes it easy for you because if you follow one of them, you're probably following at least 2 of them. So stylish of you! And now you have "styled up" all your looks and don't have to stand in front of your mirror wondering what's wrong with your outfit!

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