Tina, here.

May Day. Maymester. May Pole. It's May and I am so happy. You need lots of outfits. Maybe not new clothes, but definitely new outfits. Take what you have and reinvent it. Refresh it with new accessories like fun jewelry and summer sandals. This week my sister and I had a fancy dinner and 15 minutes before I had to leave, I grabbed a black dress I've had for 10 years (similar style), threw on some new nude patent pumps, some jewelry and my new Chanel lipstick (Michèle #468) and gloss (Physical #166). Voila. Here's some ideas for how you can do it.

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May Must-Haves

You probably already have these in your closet...

Now, add these...

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And now put it all together!


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Happy shopping! And if you already own these must-haves, use these collages as outfit inspirations. Thank you for visiting.





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