Now Released! November Must-Haves For The Season of Shindigs and Soirées

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A Toast To The Stylish Life

It’s the season of shindigs and soirées! As you go about spreading love and good cheer to all those around you over the next couple of months, I’ll make sure you’re in good style as you do. You need fabulous, go-to outfits that make you feel as pretty as you are, and are easy to wear so you don’t skip the important ritual of getting “dressed.” I loved watching my mother at her dressing table, that intimate and beautiful corner of a woman’s world where she gives attention to herself. It’s so extravagant in today’s world to take time to “dress.” I hope that you reserve some moments for yourself this month to look in the mirror, smile and give thanks as you adorn yourself, and go forth and love.

Happy November!



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Six Must-Haves For November

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1. A Velvet Top

What To Look For: Quality. A little sheen.

What To Avoid: Shiny, shiny, shiny (when sheen crosses over into shiny territory, it looks cheap).

Where & How You'll Wear It: With jeans to a fun dinner. With silk pants to a holiday office party. In Spring, with white jeans to a luncheon or shower.

How To Wear It

2. Dress Pants

What To Look For: drape and fabric. I like silk. And I like velvet. Polyester that feels like silk or velvet is a good thing. Yes. Polyester has come a loooong way in terms of quality. Don't "save it" because you don't want to dry-clean it. It's the holidays and life is short and so buy it if you like it and pay the dry cleaning bill. I will say, a lot of labels that say dry clean only can actually be hand-washed at home. Which I much prefer to chemicals.

What To Avoid: You have to make sure your dress pants don't look like pajama bottoms, especially if they are patterned or wide leg.

Where & How You'll Wear It: With a cashmere sweater to a "snappy casual" holiday party. With a velvet blazer and silk cami underneath to a fancier party. In Spring, with a white t-shirt and wedges to a luncheon or shower.

How To Wear Them


3. Party Dress

What To Look For: multi-purpose. You want to be able to wear this dress next year to a party in Springtime as easily as you can to a holiday party this year.

What To Avoid: a holiday-themed dress.

Where & How You'll Wear It: with fun heels and sparkly jewelry to a Christmas party or NYE party. With nude heels, pearls and a little jacket to a Springtime wedding.

How You'll Wear It


4. Party Shoes

What To Look For: multi-purpose.

What To Avoid: pumps you know you'll only wear once and never again.

Where & How You'll Wear It: with dark rinse jeans and a tuxedo blazer to a holiday party. With a party dress. With an LBD this Spring or Summer to a party or wedding.

How To Wear Them


5. Party Accessories

What To Look For: fun, fun, fun. And not terribly expensive.

What To Avoid: if you don't buy anything else new this season, this is where you can really add the pizzazz to a holiday outfit without breaking the bank. Wear the same outfits you wore last year and just switch out the accessories. It's like changing out the pillows but keeping the sofa.

Where & How You'll Wear It: with every "regular" outfit you normally wear. But during the holidays everything is a bit more sparkly and fun, so just add a sparkly earring or clutch to your jeans and a sweater! And of course with your "party clothes" too.

How To Incorporate Them

6. Wrap/Jacket

What To Look For: warmth. Also, this is your "3rd piece," the "finisher" so you really need to love it and not just throw on a puffy jacket or fleece.

What To Avoid: puffy jackets and fleeces. ?

Where & How You'll Wear It: over every holiday outfit you wear; so with both dresses andjeans.

How To Wear It

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One last thing, my dear friends. You don't have to get stressed over what to wear to what event during the holidays. I've got you covered. Let me handle it for you right here in the Vault and on the blog so you can live your life and love the people in your life, without worrying about yourself. After all, it's just clothes. We took a poll on Facebook with our Insiders to see what you're interested in for Holiday dressing, and we've got great posts planned solving all your holiday fashion questions! Happy shopping and thank you for visiting.





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