One Dress Three Ways For Three Different Fall Events

Tina, here.

Wardrobe Multiplier. Wardrobe Hero. Wardrobe Building Block. Must-Have. All these lovely titles refer to the dress you can wear anywhere, anytime, no matter what. Could be an LBD, an LWD, a grey sheath, an animal print wrap dress, and so on. But, it must be versatile.

I'm using my animal print knit v-neck dress to illustrate how one dress, the right dress, can become the center of your wardrobe. Mine is old BCBG, but find similar here in Oyster/Shell. A versatile dress can be a great starting-off point for multiple outfits.

Animal Print Dresses

Other Versatile Dresses

Now let's see how to take one great dress and create multiple outfits!

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One Dress Three Ways

Outfit #1: Obi Sash for a School Meeting or Casual Get-Together


You think you can't wear belts. But oh no, yes you can. Obi belts are the easiest to wear because you can make them any size and place them anywhere along your mid-section, no matter where your natural waist falls. And what better way to create an hourglass shape and add that "3rd piece" to your look. I keep the jewelry simple when I wear belts.

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Outfit #2: Large Wrap for a Luncheon or Work Meeting (where it's always cold)

This is also one of my favorite accessories EVER. The large wrap. Aka a pashmina. Again, no need to be intimated. The great thing about a large one is that all you have to do is throw it over your shoulders. You also can wrap it a la parisienne, and there's a trick for making it stay in place. Check out the link below.

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Outfit #3: Vest and Boots for a Tailgate Party

Both outfits above are more on the dressy side, so I wanted to take it down a notch for, say, a tailgate party or fall dinner out with friends. A vest and boots strike the perfect note.

As you have gathered I'm sure, I love versatile and classic pieces that I can wear multiple ways in multiple seasons. It just makes more sense! And leaves you room to splurge on the major pieces. Have fun mixing and matching - you'll feel like you have more clothes without buying anything new!

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