Packing For A Fall Weekend Getaway + Airport Outfits

Tina, here.

What's the biggest problem to overcome when getting ready for a fall weekend getaway? Overpacking. Such a vibe-killer. I've got the perfect "What To Wear To The Airport" outfits for you, plus what to pack IN ONE CARRY-ON for the weekend so you can travel light and have room to bring home goodies.

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You're packed. Now, what are you going to wear to the airport?

Comfort and Style are not mutually exclusive. I wish the yoga pants-wearing crowd understood this. I loved the days when people actually "dressed" to travel. Can we please, pretty please, bring this back? Let's join forces and together we can make traveling chic again.

So what does this mean, exactly? Stick to a strict color palette. Slip-on shoes. Elastic waist or stretch pants. Cozy top, chic coat, and a fashionable tote.

1. Your Color Palette

I don't mind traveling in white because I have a really good stain remover. But I tend to travel in darker colors in the cooler months.

For this fall getaway (I have an upcoming weekend trip to Asheville), I'm sticking to black, brown, grey, and, get ready, pink. Everything will go with everything else. What I wear on the plane I can mix and match with everything else in my carry-on for multiple outfits. It means I don't really have to plan outfits; I can just grab what I feel like wearing and know that it will look good.

As I point out in the video, plan on taking 2 -3 times the tops as bottoms, and a cami for every day of your trip so something clean is always touching you. That's the secret for not over-packing! Camis take up much less room and since everything goes with everything else, you've got outfits for days.

2. The Pieces: Comfy But Chic

I have to have comfy pants. With an elastic waistband or at least some stretch. I don't like jeans constricting me at my knees or my waist. You know what I'm talking about, right? So unless they are really stretchy, I don't wear jeans. Lately I've been wearing black stretch pants because they are soooooo comfy and look dressy. Perfect for the airport. I got these new pink velvet flats (Amazon for $40!). One of the very few purchases I've made this fall. But I'm obsessed with pink shoes! Flats can be boring, but not if they're pink! (You don't have to wear pink flats, just cute flats!) But slip-on shoes make going through security a breeze. Slip-on boots are fine, too. Carry a pair of socks with you to go through security, or better yet, apply for TSA pre-check. It is SO nice!


A really cozy top is essential. And the jacket or coat I'm wearing at my destination needs to be cozy enough to wad up and sleep on during the flight. A pashmina or wrap is also great for this.

I wear all the jewelry on the plane that I'm taking with me. It's just safer and one less thing to worry about losing. You can tuck extra necklaces inside your shirt if it's just too much. But wear everything else with confidence! If it's real, people are bound to think it's fake. And if it's fake people are bound to think it's real. Go figure!


3. Your Travel Tote

No backpacks. Period. Mkay cupcakes?

I'm pretty adamant about what my carry-on tote has to have: a zipper closure. And that's really about it. If you're still in doubt that I can pack you for a weekend getaway trip in ONE CARRY-ON suitcase, what goes in my tote may convince you of this being a reality for you.

In your tote goes:

  • Your nighttime clutch, which doubles as your wallet
  • Your magazines and paperback book
  • Your medications
  • Some makeup
  • Extra jewelry, if you must
  • Sunglasses & reading glasses
  • Snacks
  • Socks
  • Phone and earbuds
  • Laptop if necessary


By being very frugal with what you pack in your carry-on tote and your carry-on suitcase, you will be traveling free and easy. And you'll have room to bring home goodies because you can always check your bag on the way back so you can carry your purchases with you. Don't forget to take a look at the video for what to pack in your carry-on suitcase. I hope you have a wonderful trip planned this fall, and if you don't, plan a day trip somewhere! Stay tuned for more videos and posts here and inside the Complete Vault, where you get early access to all our resources and shopping guides first, before anyone else.

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