Part II Your Ultimate Guide: 7 Rules To Look Less Frumpy

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The secret need of most women is not how to be more "in style", but how to have enduring style. The A Number One rule for how to have enduring and fabulous style is to learn how to dress less frumpy (or rather less frumpily ). Tired of your style? Bored with your wardrobe? What about a muffin top? Double chin? Thunder thighs? Good dressing is a game of millimeters, dolls. An outfit can be made or ruined by the length of your skinny jeans, or the toe of your shoes, the way you button your blouses and sweaters, the way a pashmina sits on your shoulders or where the back pockets of your jeans hit your bum. Since none of these issues are really that important considering what's going on in the world and the fact that we all need to be spending as little time as possible worrying about how we look and dress, I'm going to solve these dilemmas for you right now so you can get on with living out your calling, whatever that may be. It's when clothes are wrong that they become over-important because we are worried about ourselves, and not the ones we love. This will be fun. And easy, I promise. Be sure to check all month long for exclusive Insider access to early shopping and fun resources. And have you seen the latest exclusive content inside the Complete Vault? Scroll through to see which posts and videos you may have missed lately!

Your Ultimate Guide: 7 Rules To Look Less Frumpy

Rules At A Glance, Part II*

*For Part I, click here. Complete Insiders can find the entire series here

2. Scrunch It

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This is one of the most life-altering tweaks you can make to the way you dress. With fitted tops, don't pull them down over your belly; rather, scrunch them around your waist. You will avoid the dreaded muffin-top by hiding it with layers of fabric, but you'll still maintain a feminine shape.

Before: a lot of women think that by pulling your tops down over your mid-section hides your tummy. Wrong. It accentuates the area many women want to camouflage because the fabric clings to your tummy, showing every ripple, zipper and belly button.

After: You actually even create a waist when you scrunch your fitted tops around your waistline and camouflage your tummy.

Start by pulling up the sides of your tee or top at your hips.  You want to pull it up a little bit higher on the sides than in the front - this is what creates an hourglass shape at your waist.

This top (above) is cut at an angle, which is already a flattering cut. You probably have loads of t-shirts, like the one below, that are going to look so much more flattering on you with this simple scrunching tip!





Start by gathering up the bottom of your t-shirt on either side of your hips, up around your waistline, keeping your tee's hemline lower in front. The gathers of the fabric hide a muffin top.

You'll mess with it a bit til you get it just right. It doesn't have to be perfect; just scrunch it!

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