Read The Rules On Shopping Sales, Then Shop My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Tina, here.
July means two things: high heat and summer sales. Especially the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I like Nordstrom for their free shipping and easy returns. And if you're familiar with their Anniversary Sale, you've been waiting all year for this day.

But first. A few rules for sale shopping.

Insider's Guide: Shopping the Summer Sales

Are you feeling a little jittery? Blood pumping and heart beating faster? I love a good sale, too, dolls.

But buyer beware. Stores want your money. Here's how to spend it. And, more importantly, how not to.

How to Shop the Summer Sales

Fashion is a fickle mistress. Do something for me, dolls. Walk into your closet and count all the pieces with tags still attached, and then count all the unworn items. Now add up the amount you spent on these "gems" you had to have but have never seen the light of day.

A recent purge of mine. Some things, regrettably, still had tags. Whoops. We see it every day inside closets. You're picturing all the tags hanging in your closet right now, aren't you?

Feeling a bit queasy? Don't fret, I'm about to save you loads of money going forward if you'll heed these warnings. And you'll never have buyer's remorse again. This is why I am so committed to helping you make good choices when you are shopping. It's also why I collect here and inside the Vault all you need in one easy-to-shop place, where you can find the classic investments every wardrobe needs, or shop entire outfits, and see how to mix and match everything. We are always combing stores and the web for the best of the best out there so you don't have to track down what may or may not look good on you, and what may or may not look good next season. We've got your back. We're real stylists, for real women like you. Once you've got these rules of sale shopping down, shop my picks in the best of summer sales below.

We're taking a sneak peek at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Sale goes public July 21.

And if you're a Complete Insider, you already received my guide to Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It can be overwhelming, and items sell out fast. So I created a really helpful guide for you to snag what you have to have now! Insiders got it early, now we're sharing it here. Not an Insider, join for free today and get inside to discover our exclusive resources and videos, plus early access to the best of the best in shopping, like this sale.

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So let's get down to it.

1. Don't buy it just because it's on sale.

Ladybugs, first rule is you must not compromise on the good taste we have taught you to have. Just say no to items that won't pay their rent or play well with other items you already own.

As Gannie said, don't spend money to save money.

2. Ask yourself, Do I LOVE it?

If the answer is "Does it really matter? It's such a great deal!" drop it and leave it.  The standard is still perfection for sale items (except where alterations are needed). Don't be the sucker and lower your standards to spend money on something you only half-heartedly like, no matter how cheap it is. If you didn't want them at full price, why would you want them at a discounted price?

3. Ask yourself, Does it fit?


I found this Pucci dress on sale for a song, but it was too big. I could easily have it altered to fit, but guess why I didn't buy it? I don't need it. I don't wear long evening gowns. So the point is, do not buy it unless you WILL alter it (because wearing something that doesn't fit is unacceptable) and... don't buy it if you don't need it.

4. Ask yourself, Do I need it?

Insider's Guide: Shopping the Summer Sales

How many white jeans do you have in your closet? (And we're not discussing how many I own - don't try to turn it around on me, dolls.) I will allow one extra pair in case the ones you love get stained beyond repair (that's probably cause you aren't using Roux Maison yet), but no more than that. (Again, is it any of your business that I have 13 pairs? No.) And definitely do not ever, ever buy evil white capris because they are on sale.

5. Know the return policy.

Great things to buy during summer sales are classic pieces that you will wear again next year because they won't be off-trend. Like pencil skirts, sheaths, white t-shirts. Just be sure to check the return policy in case you get home and find stains or rips.

Shop My Summer Sale Picks from The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We have a ton of readers who shop at Nordstrom because of their friendly return policy and free shipping. And this little thing they call Nordy Notes. The more you spend, the more money you get back to spend in their stores. So since Nordstrom is so popular with our readers, I'm providing my two cents for what I would buy during the Anniversary Sale if I were you. If you're a Nordstrom cardholder, you got early access on July 13, 2017 (and your email account was flooded with notices from them, I'm sure!). Everyone else can shop when the sale goes public, July 21, 2017. They restock a lot of items, but best to be a cardholder if you want early access to snag the best stuff first. (I am not sponsored by Nordstrom, nor am I getting paid to say this. Just passing along what may be useful info.)

What's the big deal about the sale? It's brand new fall merchandise that goes on sale before the season, and then goes up to regular price when everyone else is finally thinking about buying fall clothes. Up to 30% off. Very clever way to boost slow summer sales.


There are 5 main categories I like to shop: Outerwear, Pants including Denim, Tops, Shoes & Handbags, and Beauty. I look for big-ticket items like a winter coat or leather boots because you can save so much. I've got a pretty targeted shopping list, and this is what's in my make-believe shopping cart if I were buying everything I wanted.


This trench coat is a great one, because of the color - that deep and rich honey rather than stone khaki. It's hard to find a stylish, longer coat. And even harder to pull off a double-breasted coat. Which is why this one is so fabulous - the proportions are perfect. And you do know you can hem a coat, right? I like this one hitting right below the knees. It's ok if your skirt or dress is longer.

Pants, Denim and a Skirt

I cannot love this skirt enough. The split hem is so chic, and will be flattering to your calves. Wear it with an untucked sweater, or tuck in a button down blouse. If you want an investment pair of black pants, these St. John ones are WONDERFUL. I don't know how they do it, but they do it right. I have 2 pairs. If you're looking to update your denim, and everyone should because denim has a much shorter shelf-life than people realize (the rinses, the cuts, but mainly the rinses), here is my selection of the best of the best.


Good tops are just hard to find. So when you find one, grab it. Ok, so I included a few more jackets here because honestly I wasn't wowed by a lot of tops in the sale. But this sale is ALWAYS good for a jacket or two. The margins are really good. If you have a few fancy events to go to this fall and winter, I highly recommend investing in a beautiful blouse like the Lela Rose one that you can wear over and over by pairing it with pants and skirts that you can switch up - or even pair with jeans for a cool change. Better than a dress you may only wear once.

Shoes & Handbags

Get your fall boots now. They will sell out, and I like these very much. I can't bring myself to pay what they're asking for their over-the-knee boots, largely because I don't wear them, but I don't want you over-paying for them either. Best to buy on clearance after season if you want some.


Oh I am such a sucker for the beauty sale items. I always grab the Trish makeup notebook thingy, and a candle or two for gifts. Love the small commitment you can make to a fragrance, too, in these little Joe Malone mini-bottles.

There you have it.

Thanks for stopping by!