Real Women Bare All

Tina, here.

Are you sitting down? Are you ready for this? My lovely friends, we have some great news.

The past couple weeks we've been introducing you to some super-stylish friends of mine who are joining our team to connect with you as real women, who are real sizes and are dedicated to living really stylishly. And today we're gonna bare it all. Because we don't just wake up like this.

What you can't hear is all of us asking what to do with our arms??

What you can't hear is all of us asking what to do with our arms??


We're fighting the same battles you are: where did that extra skin come from? Since when did that bra not fit me anymore? Oh yay! Loafers are back so I'll just go grab my pair from the 80's and wear them today, or will that look stupid? Can I wear a shoulder-baring top like all my friends, or will I look like I'm trying too hard? I hate shopping. Nothing fits. Am I too old for ripped jeans? What if I run into Tina today in my yoga pants?

Girl, we feel ya. It's not easy being stylish everyday, especially on those days filled with errand-running or kid vomit or back-to-back meetings and dirty hair. My hair has been dirty in more than a few blog posts and I just comfort myself by giving you credit for appreciating I'm real. And that I don't have an endless budget to pay a French handmaiden to keep my nails buffed and my hair coiffed.


When you take away the smoke and mirrors, we're all just struggling with those I have nothing to wear and I can't stand my arms moments. So stick with us, dolls, because now you're gonna find your soulmate on the pages of this blog.

Watch the videos below to learn more about all of us!


We're gonna let you in behind closed doors to discover our secrets and special sources (between us, we have a lot of them).

My dear friends, meet our new contributors, who will very soon be your dear friends. And you will find yourself feeling more stylish every day.



Barbara Burns Profile Pic



You'll love getting to know Barbara, and many of you already know her as a 3 year veteran stylist at Tina Adams Consulting. Barbara is Fabulous Over Fifty, and she knows what she's talking about. She has been in the closets of countless women, offering much needed hope and a good, hearty dose of "sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself" medicine. She knows how to love us where we are. But will take us a step further to discover our most stylish selves. We all want to be Barbara when we grow up, and we're pretty sure just by hanging out with her here, her effortless style will rub off on you. Ladies, your wardrobe is about to improve by leaps and bounds when you start shopping her picks inside your Style Vault. Discover more from Barbara here.




And, friends, have you met Francie? She's our resident expert in answering the cry," Nothing Fits!" She's got your back. She's my gorgeous, brilliant, and extremely well-turned-out fashionista who struggles to find shapes to flatter her curves and shorter legs. She's also a researcher in her other life, which means we get to benefit from all her hours and hours of researching who has the best-fitting boot for shorter legs, or wider calves, or the most flattering dress you can wear to a winter wedding and a summer party. You can find her picks under the new "Finding Your Fit" category inside your Style Vault. Discover more from Francie here and you'll be ushered into a whole new world where clothes actually fit you and flatter you.

Jessica Headshot



Oh, my. You're gonna love Jessica and want her to move in with you and be your BFF. She's kinda my altar ego in that she can wear ripped jeans or hilarious graphic tees and get away with it. You'll see what I mean here. Jessica is this bombshell of energy and enthusiasm, and totally dedicated to the pursuit of women dressing appropriately no matter where you are (if you're not sweating after a workout in those yoga pants you're wearing, she'll write you up in a heartbeat, but then she'll take you shopping and show you the coolest, most comfy pair of skinny leather jeans you never knew you had to have). Jessica is like this cooler sister who is always sending me links to the newest, hippest tops or jeans or boots. Which, now she'll do for you inside your Style Vault, under "Modern Trends." And she's going to guide you through the do's and don'ts of wearing trends in your everyday life to ensure you won't be laughing at your choices next year.

Deidre DeFelice Profile Pic



You all know and love Deidre like I do. She's my BFF, my #1, head of my tribe. My cooler, younger sister, and the one who is responsible for my good hair days (and keeping me alive after my surgeries, along with Francie and Barbara, and many more). Deidre is one of those rare, lovely souls who, when she speaks, you will fall out of your chair laughing and then realize she actually just taught you something about yourself no one else knew how to tell you. She's been with me since the beginning of the Style Vault, and it is just perfect to now have her as an official contributor, who will bring you her expert advice, and sift through all the choices in hair, skin and beauty for you. Warning: you will covet her locks. We all do. It's ok, though. She's gracious and will style your hair when you come to Nashville for the Girls Shopping Trip. Discover more from Deidre here.

Welcome to the new Style Vault.  Welcome to Your Style Vault.

We're so excited to have such a wonderful collection of new contributors, and we know you'll be as well.  So take a look around and see what's new, and what's still beautifully stylish.

See you in the Vault!

- Tina, Barbara, Francie, Jessica, & Deidre