Shop Now! What To Wear To Every Holiday Party [Part 1]

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Joy Joy Joy! It's party season! Celebrating during the holidays with friends and family brings a sweet end to the year. And what a year it's been. I'd say this holiday in particular deserves being celebrated in an extra special way. Grab your loved ones, turn up the music, light the tree and start dancing! And count your blessings out loud.

What To Wear To A Cocktail Holiday Party

This is your chance! Throw on all your jewelry. Paint your lips red (or pink). Wear your best perfume. And dress up! You don't have to buy a cocktail dress. Do you have a black dress (or navy)? Pull it out, add every strand of pearls or baubles you own to your neck, your biggest pair of earrings, and your sparkliest shoes. Do not ruin the vision you are with a mere coat, or god forbid, a fleece. You need a wrap. Like a wool pashmina or a vintage stole. If it's freezing cold where you are, brave the cold for the sake of your outfit. You can do it this once. Just once a year.  If you don't have any of these in your closet, shop from my picks.

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Here is what I'm donning for the dressy events I'm attending. A shocking pink satin skirt with a jacket made of paillettes. That's the fancy French word for sequins. But it sounds less tacky. Pink is playing a star role in my holidays this year. In my home and my wardrobe. If you haven't seen our Holiday Home Decorating & Shopping Guide yet, you must!

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What To Wear To A "Festive" Holiday Party

Sometimes you get those invitations with mysterious dress codes and you don't what you're supposed to wear. So anxiety-producing. But it's actually easier during the holidays because almost anything goes. My formula for a puzzling holiday party dress code like "festive" or "creative" is to go high-low. Denim (jackets, not jeans) and diamonds. Definitely some sparkle. Never jeans. Jeans during the holidays are for slackers. Remember, the key is to dress to respect, not to impress. So respect your hosts for the honor of being invited, the trouble they went to for you and the spirit of the season, and retire for jeans for December.

A denim jacket is a different story. It gives you the low of the high-low equation without stooping to jeans. Add sparkle and voila you have a "festive" or "creative" or "holiday casual" ensemble!

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