Status Update: Black and Navy Are Still In Love

Tina, here.

It's an unexpected and truly successful long-term relationship. Navy and Black are in love for real. And, they've actually been together long before Oprah outed them.

Black and Navy Together Forever

The key is for the black and the navy to be distinguishable as two separate colors so it doesn't look like you tried to match 2 blacks or 2 blues, and missed.

You're asking, what shoes do you wear? Do you match your navy or your black? Lean in close for this one, dolls. You don't need navy shoes. At least, you don't need them to match your navy outfit. So, wear black shoes FOR SURE when you're doing the black and navy thing.

Which begs the question, when do navy shoes look appropriate? Not when you're wearing a navy suit. And not when you're wearing a navy dress. But you can wear navy shoes when you're wearing all black, as long as they truly look like 2 different colors. I have some navy suede pumps I love to wear with dark blue jeans and a white blouse and a black belt. You want to avoid the too-literal, matchy-matchy look and go for more of a suggestion of relating to each other.

Shop the look:

(Also, this makes a good go-to funeral outfit.)


Extra credit if your black and navy are different textures, like this satin navy blouse with a black wool overcoat. And then the black patent pumps finish the look so the colors all look very on purpose, and not a mistake.

Shop The Look:



Come summertime, navy likes to stray. Navy + White is another great love match. We'll discuss then.

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