Suits Are Making A Comeback

Tina, here.

As I live and breathe, women's suits are making a comeback. Can you even believe it?? I'm SO happy about it. I love menswear and traditional menswear fabrics. But, and you know what's coming next, today's suits are not at all like your '80's power suits. Well, maybe a little, in that there are pinstripes, glen plaids and shoulder pads galore. But still, there's a difference. Largely in how you wear them, and to be more exact, where you wear them. Hardly anyone wears suits to the office anymore (and if you do, cheers to you - I love it!), but to dinner? Yes. To a party? Yes. Lean in and I'll explain.

Suits are by nature stiff and serious. So all the fashion-y sets are making them ironic by wearing full-piece numbers to parties or just on a regular Saturday shopping in the city. Very strange. But I kind of like it. You won't find me doing that, but you will find me pulling out my windowpane check, pinstripes and plaid suit separates and wearing them again. Here's how.

Fall Trend: The Rules On Wearing A Suit

1. Break it up.

You're going to see plenty of young street style stars wearing full 2 - 3 piece suits, all at the same time. But that will look old-fashioned on most of us. So wear the tweed skirt, but pair it with a leather jacket.

If you do wear traditional suit-y pieces together, just be sure to make it modern by wearing sneakers or, better yet mix and match, like a camel blazer with a tweed skirt.



2. Wear a suit to a party.

Pair your serious plaid skirt or pinstripe pencil skirt with a pretty blouse and pumps for cocktails or a dinner meeting.

What to avoid?

Shoulder pads. Again, you'll look like you fished your mother-in-law's suit out of the attic, not fashionably ironic.

Long skirts and pants that are too wide. Keep it trim to keep it modern and not a parody of a second-time-around trend you wore the first time.

Will this trend stick around? I think so, because a blazer looks good on everyone. With jeans and a tee shirt - so chic. And what about a pencil skirt? So feminine. Toughen it up with a chambray shirt and boots.

Thanks for reading!




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