The Sweaters I'm Buying This Fall

Tina, here.

Sweaters are funny little creatures. They can seem so soft and adoring when you fall in love with them and bring them home. Then you pull one out to wear on the first cold day, and you're either sweating or itching something awful within a couple hours. Woolens damp with sweat do not smell good. I don't know if you knew that. Neither do mothballs next to your skin.

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Sweater Care

To address the moth issue, you need these in your closet stat:


To address the smell issue, you need these in your drawers and closets, also stat. I use lavender because it's as effective as cedar and mothballs, but smells sooooo much better.

When I'm buying sweaters, I'm looking for 2 things: soft and comfy. (That's one.) And the second is fit. I should have mentioned fit first. Because if it doesn't fit well, walk right on by before you even consider if it's comfy. Hear my voice once again, fit is first.

Color factors in as well. What is the equivalent of summer's white v-neck t-shirt in winter? I like navy because it's not black. It's not white (yes, it's still me, Tina, addicted to white clothes). And it's a neutral because you can wear it with black, grey, warm whites, and most primary colors. I've got some other color and shape recs for you below.

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Next on my list of sweaters I'm loving/saving for are:


Sweater Jackets

I am also finding that sweater jackets are IT. They just make so much sense. They look pulled-together but are casual. They look structured but aren't stiff. And they take care of the bulky coat over bulky sweater issue, all but on the coldest of days.


There are a few more varieties of sweaters I keep around. Here are some examples of what I have in my closet, and continue to replace.

Cardigans and Open Front Sweaters

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Turtlenecks & Special Shapes

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