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I have had several requests the past few weeks from clients and readers who are planning wonderful trips like European expeditions, beach getaways, cruises and other fun adventures. The perennial question is how do I pack everything I need in one suitcase? I love answering this question a few times a year, and here's my latest version of...

How To Pack Lightly, Yet Luxuriously

Most of the questions I'm getting now are for warm-weather destinations. Requirements always include comfortable shoes, some kind of wrap, the perfect handbag and carry-on, and at least one dressy outfit that packs well. Here is how I would pack for a week in, say, Turks & Caicos, if you were to take me along with you.

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First, the luggage. I'm hardcore on hard case suitcases.

When it comes to planning outfits, the secret is to stick to a strict color palette (I've chosen blue, coral & white); take as few pairs of shoes as possible (wear 1; pack 2), and I always recommend wearing the jewelry you are taking (even if it means doubling up).

Here's a preview of the outfits, then I'll break it down for you by pieces.

Travel Outfit/Daytime

Daytime Casual

Daytime Nice



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What you're packing in the suitcase (see the first outfit collection for what you're wearing on the plane):

At the bottom of your hardcase suitcase go the shoes and your toiletry bag:


Then in the 3 mesh bags, you'll place lingerie + swimwear, tops, and bottoms + dresses:

If you're not wearing the hat (this one is packable) or pashmina or all your jewelry, surround the hat with tissue and stuff it with your pashmina and scarves, holding the jewelry:

In your carry-on:


I've had some questions about shorts, too. Don't worry, as it gets warmer I'll address the age-old age & shorts question.

Thank you for stopping by, lovelies! Bon voyage!





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