The Handbags You Need Now + VIDEO: The Best Investment Handbags

Tina, here.

A handbag is a woman's calling card. And sidekick. And SO. In my case, I'm a serial handbag dater. But I know lots of you are playing the field. And that's fine, it just means I wouldn't spend a lot on any one date, er, bag. When you're a serial handbag dater like I am, it does make sense to invest in one good bag. These are the bags I think are take-home-to-meet-the parents-worthy. And I threw in some you could casually date, as well, without breaking the budget.

The Handbags You Need Now + VIDEO The Best Investment Handbags

Here's a quick cheat sheet for what constitutes an Investment Handbag, status in a relationship:

  • seasonless color like brown
  • seasonless material like suede or high quality calfskin
  • limited hardware and doo-dads
  • comes with a hands-free shoulder strap

To watch the video, The Best Investment Handbags, you can watch below.

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A Brown Satchel is so on point this fall. (You can shop my full outfit, similar, at the end of the post.*)

Mine is a Ricky by Ralph Lauren. I'm so devoted to it that I've renewed my vows at least 4 times. I'd love to add to the family a baby Ricky wallet. (I'm a big fan of purchasing investment pieces second-hand, letting the first buyer take the big hit. I have bought all but one of my investment bags this way. Here are a few options. Note that there is only one of each because they are listed on consignment. )

If you've been wanting a brown handbag, now is the time to pounce. Brown is hot, but I imagine won't be so readily available for too many seasons. Why brown? Like brown boots, brown handbags go with EVERYthing you own, and look as appropriate in summertime as in fall and winter, unlike some black handbags. These below are retail. You can see that the most desirable colors (brown, tan, grey) are harder to find on the second-hand market. If you're patient, wait. If you'd like one now, send this to Santa!

To shop even more handbags and all my fall must-haves, click on over to Tina's October Must-Haves.


A hide handbag is excellent in fall and winter, but don't overspend because it will look too heavy in the spring and summer months.

Now suede - it is year-round in my opinion. I love, love, love suede because when you wear a mostly neutral wardrobe, you need lots of texture for interest. When you add a touch of fur to a suede handbag, it instantly becomes limited to 2 seasons, fall and winter. SO, again, don't overspend on something you can't wear 12 months out of the year. See why the filter for an investment handbag needs to be so tight? Cost per wear, my loves.


*Notes on my outfit: All the clothes I wear on the blog are my own, and many I've had for years. I love showing you how to use what you have and mix in new pieces judiciously. I try to find exactly what I'm wearing for you and often can, but not always. That's when you'll see "similar to".

The look for less:


Get your handbags now before they sell out - good bags are notorious for being completely gone by the end of October. Same as good boots and coats, which is why I'll be bringing you my lists for these as well! Stay tuned here!

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