The One Piece You Need That Will Multiply Your Spring Wardrobe

Tina, here.

I love a good wardrobe multiplier, don't you? That one piece that can transform your sundress you bought two seasons ago or your white jeans that need to feel new or your favorite floral skirt that needs a finishing touch. That piece, my dears, is, you probably guessed The Denim Jacket. I have been touting the traits of the denim jacket since the very beginning, over ten years ago when I started out in this business. And you know what, everyone still sells them and they still look great! IF, big IF, you are not wearing your acid wash 1980's oversized denim jacket. Don't get me wrong, your cool, hip millennial niece would love you forever if you passed it down to her. And please do. Because you'll look like a ridiculous old person trying to look like a millennial if you wear that 80's denim jacket today.

Embarrassing. For most of us. But, the right denim jacket is an outfit saver.

Oh, Denim Jacket, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 

How A Denim Jacket Updates and Transforms Your Spring Wardrobe

1. It's that elusive "3rd piece."

Start with pants and a t-shirt. Now add a denim jacket and voila you've got that 3rd piece, the finisher, that element that takes a drab "I have to wear clothes so my kids' friends don't think I'm weird" attitude to a stylish outfit. It's that 3rd piece that finishes an outfit and makes you look like you know what you're doing.

I added a little scarf for extra credit. Type A, ya know.

Good denim jackets are like good jeans. You need good denim. Here are two options I like, one is the super-duper luxe denim jacket option and the other jacket is absolutely fine but less expensive. I will say it's not as soft and has a bit more destroyed look to it, but it's still fine.

2. A denim jacket will give you a waist even if you don't have one.

Let's say you put on your chinos and a tee. Or a muumuu maxi dress. And you feel kinda shapeless and blah. Add the right denim jacket, and boom you are a wonder, an hourglass wonder. The right denim jacket is a bit shaped at the waist (look for darts in the back and front, and seams along the sides) and not any bigger than it needs to be. You want tight armholes and a somewhat shrunken fit. I know this is not how all the cool kids are wearing them right now. Rise above and try to wear what looks good on you, not just what is trendy.

Push your sleeves up to show your wrists! I can't stress the importance of this little tip enough - it will give you long limbs and pretty wrists.

3. A denim jacket extends the cost per wear of your wardrobe.

It allows you to start wearing your summer dresses now, your lightweight blouses and t-shirts now, because you have a little layer for warmth. As the weather gets warmer, you lose the jacket and out come all your summer clothes in all their glory.  This is why I have both a faded wash denim jacket (for now) and a dark rinse denim jacket for Fall. Say it with me: Wardrobe Multiplier.

Get yourself a denim jacket! As mush as I like to save what you can, it's probably better to buy new than to alter what you have. Shoulder alterations (most likely what you'd need to do ) are expensive. So I'd just get a new one! Thanks for reading!

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