Tina's Picks From The Online Boutique That Brought You The Miracle Pant

Tina, here.

Well, I knew they were good, but you proved the Miracle Pants are reeeeaally good. We broke the internet the first few hours I released that post, and then a darling online boutique I had newly discovered reached out to me and came to the rescue with MORE miracle pants. We sold hundreds in a couple days. The CEO of Elliott Lauren even emailed me when they realized where all these purchases were coming from, and I am still getting pictures of you wearing them and looking very chi-chi! I love it when we can bring you something that makes you feel like you've lost 10 pounds, and just got back from vacation. The Miracle Pants do that. (You can shop the Miracle Pants at the end of this post.) And now I want to share with you six of my favorite finds from my new favorite boutique! And you get 10% off EVERYTHING (on the entire site)! Just enter the code TINA10 at checkout.

So who is this darling online boutique I discovered? Halsbrook. I see clothes, a lot of clothes, and so I have a pretty tight filter when it comes to what I like and will recommend to you. But I am excited for the first time in a long time about this one boutique where you can find, not just a couple cute items, but A LOT all in one place. What is it about Halsbrook? It's fresh! It's the best of both European and American style. I love how the founder (I'm pretty sure she's younger than I am, but she has a Harvard Business School degree!) describes her Aha moment:

Halsey Schroeder has her mother to thank for many things, not the least of which is the inspiration for Halsbrook. Halsey grew up watching her mother carefully build her wardrobe - choosing beautiful pieces that would stand the test of time. Having acquired the same sense of style, Halsey saw a market that was not being reached. “Everything was too flashy and trendy.”

Her team has found a way to make dressing both elegant and effortless - the Holy Grail of good style. One of the perks you get from me is that I scour the internet every day (literally) to bring you the best finds (in style and value) for your closet, so you don't have to. There are just so many options out there, and the margin of error is pretty high. Usually I'm sending you all over the internet to get what I've uncovered, but today I am bringing you my favorite picks from my new favorite boutique, all in one place. Consider it a mini-capsule wardrobe for Summer. And everything on the whole website is 10% off just for you! Use code TINA10

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