An Uncommon Pairing: Blazers & Ponchos

Tina, here.

I'm always looking for new ways to reinvent classic pieces I've held onto for a while. To keep life interesting, ya know. And to prevent feeling the need to buy a new outfit every time I go somewhere special. Lately, I've been playing around with an uncommon pairing, blazers and ponchos. Go with me here for a minute, dolls.


I adore blazers. In fact one Hallowe'en I was meeting my friend Deidre for drinks and came straight from an appointment, and was wearing, yes, a blazer. Deidre was dressed as Pocahontas. She asked the bartender what he thought I was dressed as, and he looked at me cockeyed and said, a businesswoman! Harrumph. Excuse  me but I don't just try to impersonate one, I actually try to be one. But that's how much I love blazers. I wear them all the time. So it was time for a switch up.

Enter the poncho.

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If you're not one to mess up a good thing, just stick with the blazer. Just remember, the more basic something is, the more perfect it must be. This goes for white t-shirts, jeans, and blazers. Let me tell you the story about this blazer. I saw it in a liquidation store this summer, Nashville's UAL. I passed on it because I was being "wise." Then I came across an old photo of one I owned JUST like it about 10 years ago and I suddenly had to have it. I had let my old one go because it became dirty and ragged beyond repair. I went back to UAL for a search and rescue. No luck. I scoured the store in every size and every rack. Fitting room. Hold bar. We called other locations in other states. Nothing. Mind you this was about 3 months later and items do not last long here. Wasn't meant to be I told myself. I was checking out and turned right, and lo and behold the blazer was right there in front of me. It was a Christmas miracle in October! So naturally I overpaid for it.

It may not look like much, but it is supple and soft and a beautiful creamy camel color and we were meant to be together forever.


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*this look works best with a non-invasive collar under the poncho



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