Vest Weather Is My Favorite Weather

Tina, here.

We're a vest-loving family. As long as I can remember my father has worn them. My brothers, even my sister and me. The first memory of my father's is a cadet blue, down-filled. Probably L.L. Bean from the 70's. I would bet $100 he still has it. He doesn't get rid of much either. Like father, like daughter.

Vests are the perfect transition piece. In fact, they are the definition of a summer-to-fall wardrobe transition hero. I have them in several weights. Brushed cotton, corduroy (Barbour), suede, faux-filled and down-filled. Faux fur. I have clients take old fur coats they inherited and cut off the sleeves to make modern looking vests that they will actually wear. Vests are brilliant. I've even gotten into short-sleeve coats, but that's for another post.

This is a great example of vintage fur that was re-made into a cap-sleeve coat/vest. Isn't it gorgeous! And much easier to wear today than a full-length coat. And no one has to buy new fur.

Start out wearing vests over your long-sleeve blouses and jeans. Then add a sweater when you need to. Then wear them on mild winter days when you don't need a long-sleeve coat.

The No's

What kind of vest should you avoid? Denim vests are a no.

NO. Not working, dolls.


What not to wear vests with? Not over dresses or with skirts.

Also no. Still not working.


UNLESS the vest is a shrunken fit, i.e. shorter and cuts in at the waist.

This will work, but I would prefer the sleeves on the tee to be a bit shorter. Millimeters, dolls, always about millimeters.

Great Vest Outfits

If you're on an iPhone or iPad, be sure to scroll side to side to see all the images.

Here are some great puffy vests.

Try a sweater vest!





Look for the box in the upper right hand corner when you click!

Happy shopping and thank you for visiting.





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