What To Wear Christmas Eve + Bonus What To Wear Christmas Day

Tina, here.

I don't want you fussing over what you're going to wear during the next few days. Especially not Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. So let's take stock of what you already have, and if you need anything, you've got time to overnight it. Once you've settled on what you're wearing, then I want you to take a deep breath, and remember to thank God for all your blessings. Who can you love that needs loving? Who needs some joy, even if it's a smile or a phone call? Now, go do that. Go love on your family and pray for our world to know the only Hope of the World. Because, it's just clothes my dear ones. (But there will be lots of photos taken over the course of the next few days and your children and grandchildren will use them in years to come to have a good laugh at that ill-fitting sweatshirt you may be wearing, so if you want to avoid that, and why wouldn't you, then let's get you looking as beautiful as you are so they will fondly remember you as the one who cared enough to treat herself with the kind of self-respect that teaches other young women to do the same. That's all:)  )

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What To Wear Christmas Eve

In my home growing up, Christmas Eve was always the sit-down dinner where we dressed up before eating and then going to the midnight service. These days I still love to see men and women and little girls and boys dress up for Christmas Eve. It's a way to honor the day and imprint memories on the hearts of the little ones, who will one day pass down your family traditions you are now making. If you don't wear dresses, just add one touch of something a bit nicer than jeans. Like fun pants with a casual sweater.

Don't forget to wear your jewelry. It doesn't have to be fine - but you make the day more special by adding little touches like a pearl necklace.

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Bonus For Insiders: What To Wear Christmas Day

Christmas morning we sat around in our pajamas opening stockings and presents, and then we would change for our Christmas Brunch, but it was not as formal as Christmas Eve dinner. But the memories I have of my mother and grandmothers on Christmas morning has profoundly impacted me. My grandmothers always arrived in their fur stoles, with a Christmas pin, wearing red lipstick, and Gannie smelled of Joy perfume. My grandmothers' festive style honored not only the day, but my mother as their hostess. When you dress nicely, you honor those around you by showing them you value the occasion and those gathered. I was deeply affected by this, and it's why I write about style, not fashion. I want you to care about what you wear not to impress those around you, but to honor them, and yourself. And to honor life's beautiful moments. And to teach your daughters and nieces that dressing well is a form of good manners as well as respect for self. Even if you're wearing jeans and throw your hair up in a ponytail.

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