Tina, here.

Ummmm, so I better not be seeing any of this kind of action on your summer interns or, heaven forbid, on you, in the office this summer.

What Not To Wear To Work

When I speak to grad students on dressing for their future job, I'll show them a picture similar to this and ask what's wrong with this outfit. I am stupefied when they cannot tell me.

What Not To Wear To Work

Simple answer: if you'd wear it to a bar, don't wear it to work. I can't tell you how this concept gets lost on so many. Ladies, we've got to step up and have the awkward conversations and help the younger generations understand the importance of dressing professionally, and what that exactly means.

What Not To Wear To Work, Plus Day To Night Outfit Solutions

So what's wrong with wearing a too-short and too-tight skirt, with way too high heels, and a sparkly, low cut top is that IT'S STUPID. And I imagine we all know that. And a lot of our younger colleagues do too. But there's a lot of grey area that stumps everyone. I'm going to weigh in on the grey area items.

Don't wear sparkles or sheer to the office.

Sheer is not for the office. Even if you wear something under it.

No sheer dresses to the office!

Lace dresses are generally not for the office, unless it's more of a pretty, lady-like crochet dress. This is a fancy lace dress because it's sheer, thin and form-fitting.

What Not To Wear To The Office

Low v-necks are a no go. Always. No grey areas.

So what is appropriate for the office in today's more casual workplace environments?

1. Don't need to wear suits? Don't ditch the blazer.

Summer Office Outifts

A blazer takes a plain cotton pencil skirt and tank top to the office.

Summer Office Outfits

If you do wear a tank top under your blazer, be prepared to keep that blazer on all day until you leave the office or meeting. Tank tops are not for the professional world.

Summer Office Outfits

If your skirt or dress is form-fitting, make sure it's an appropriate length (not much above the knees) and wear a sensible heel, not a hooker heel.

2. Casual office culture? Mind the shorts.

Summer Office Outfits

Longer shorts in a nice fabric can be appropriate in casual offices, but I recommend pairing them with something that says I'm a professional, rather than a t-shirt.

Summer shorts

You can see the detail of my shorts here - they are silk with a pretty textured pattern, i..e. not camp shorts. For a similar pair, check out these

Sew pocket seams down

Side note: when the pockets lay vertically on the sides of your hips, have them sewn shut so you don't get puckering hips.

Day to Work Outfits

Grabbing a bite after work with some friends? Lose the blazer, switch into fun shoes and add an accessory like a hat.

Summer shoes

These shoes are all "no's" for the office. From left, too clunky, too sparkly and too casual.

Office Shoes

For the office, open toe is fine, but peep toe is better because it's a lot more buttoned up and less of a "going out" shoe. Wedges are great office shoes, especially if you have much walking to do. Carry a fun pair of going out shoes with you to change into after work! You can also change out your jewelry.

Day to Night Outfits

One final word, don't get too caught up in casual summer office attire or casual Friday's. It's already a casual world where hardly anyone dresses up for work anymore. Stand above the fray and dress to respect the position you hold, even if it's CEO of your household. Whatever your position, you are molding the people around you and impacting your future. Dress to respect. That's all. Kthx.

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